The Wonders of Open Source

Open source software has come of age and has been around for a long time. For many computer and technology junkies, the thought of dabling with this type of software was something unacceptable. Things have changed over the years, and even though there is still major opposition in many camps, […]

The Genesis of Computer Art-FORTRAN (Backus) a Computer Art Medium Creates a Mosaic Mona Lisa

Where did computer art, computer graphics and computer animation begin? Written communication became sharable and pervasive once stone etchings were replaced with the mobility of paper and ink. Similarly once computer languages advanced from machine or assembly code to third generation computer languages, only then did computer output advance from […]

Acting Tip: The Musts For Every Actor

Melissa M. Taylor

DO student, experimental, low-budget, and independent films. Do community and independent theater. Remember, acting is doing–not just studying and reading about it. The more experience you have acting, the more you learn, the more you’ll grow, and the better your acting will be. DO go for a variety of roles. […]

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