Beauty of Kenyan Wildlife

Kenya has a great combination of flora and fauna.With the different ecosystems existing in different parts of the country so do they support different types of fauna and flora.

Kenyan National Parks have most of animals found in the country. The “Big Five ” form the majority of the common animals, they include the Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Rhino. Others include the cheetah, leopards, wildebeests, gazelles, antelopes, giraffes etc.

There is a lot of bird species in Kenyan wild and a great resource for bird viewers and photographers. The birds include the pink Flamingoes of Lake Nakuru, the Ostrish, vultures, hornbills.

The flora found in Kenya largely depends on which region of the country you are visiting.

The savanna grassland grows fasts and provides food to the large number of animals in the masai Mara.

The Mt Kenya and Mt Elgon is covered by thick forest cover and includes the tall bamboo, giant trees, The highland is mostly used for farming activities and receives much rainfall through out the year.

The cactus, Thorn trees and hardy bushes are found in the north and northeast where its fairly dry.

The coastal area has mangrove and coastal rain forests.

Due to continuous poaching and destruction of the natural habitats, this has led to increased drop of varieties of Fauna and flora in the wild.

Various private Organizations and government agencies have rose up to protect the endangered species of Kenya.Increased surveillance in National parks has reduced poaching activities and export of rare species of plants.

Some of the endangered animals include the Rhinos, leopard and cheetahs, Elephants and a variety of plants.

Many private ranches have come up protecting the endangered animals on their private land.They are mostly found in Laikipia district where there are large tracts of privately owned land.

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