A Comprehensive Guide to Medical Virtual Assistant Services


The healthcare industry is always looking for better, faster, and more efficient ways of providing quality care. Medical virtual assistant services are quickly becoming a go-to solution for medical professionals who want to streamline their workflow, improve patient experiences, and keep up with modern trends in healthcare. Choosing a virtual […]

Lisa LaFlamme, CTV News, and Bad Executive Decisions

Former CTV national anchor Lisa LaFlamme There will be no bittersweet on-air goodbye for (now previous) CTV countrywide information anchor Lisa LaFlamme, no ceremonial passing of the baton to the following technology, no broadcast retrospectives lionizing a journalist with a storied and award-profitable job. As LaFlamme declared yesterday, CTV’s guardian […]

How to Intervene When You Witness a Microaggression

Microaggressions — these brief, commonplace behaviors or responses that normally unintentionally exclude or demean the concentrate on — have develop into a commonly talked over subject matter in management scholarship and observe. But inspite of the increasing understanding of the thought of microaggression in general (Google lookups of the expression […]

The Process And Where Dental Veneers Are Needed

Veneers made from wafer-thin, tooth-colored materials have found widespread practical use over the last three decades, a period that has seen many improvements in the way they are made and fitted. Dental veneers are made from resin composites or porcelain. Porcelain offers a few advantages over resin, especially when it […]

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