How to crack a good domain name?


When people go to a website, the first thing they see is the domain name. So, it should be unique and easy to remember to get people to come back. A good domain name can leave visitors with a lasting impression and give them an idea of what the website […]

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Speed? 


The uber-connected consumer is all about speed. A website, application, or any digital asset with more response time loses the viewers’ attention immediately. This can mean a major loss of prospective business for enterprises. Even from the SEO point of view, search engines consider the loading time of websites while […]

Benefits of online Excel classes


After the most difficult phase of COVID-19 passed by people worldwide, they nowadays mostly prefer to stay indoors and opt for work from home routine. Although the pandemic is over the fear of getting sick or seeing the number of people dying has completely shaken everyone deep inside.  Most of […]

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