Steps To Use Root Access To Secure Your Website With VPS Hosting

Melissa M. Taylor
Steps to Secure Your Website on VPS Hosting with Root Access Steps for Securing  Your VPS Website with Root Access | ResellerClub Blog

A secure server and website hosting plan is essential for businesses of any scale. In time, when and if businesses grow, they require ultimate control and reliability. A VPS Server hosting provides just the solution for this. 

A VPS Hosting service uses virtualization technology to provide a reliable, isolated, and secure VPS Server for each website. Website owners can use root access to configure and manage their VPS Servers.

Continue reading to learn more about VPS root access and how you can use root access for securing websites with VPS Hosting.

Understanding Root Access and VPS Hosting?

  • Root Access

In simple terms, root access means that the root user can access the entire server. It also allows the users to make edits, installations, delete, or move any data or applications.

Full root access makes you the root user which means you have access to all the data available on the server. Additionally, the root user, meaning the website owner, can modify data on the server and configure the server for their best interest. 

  • VPS Hosting

In VPS Hosting, each of the websites hosted on the server has its own virtual private server. VPS uses virtualization technology to split a server into multiple servers.

Because VPS provides a private server this means it allows users to have full control over the server configuration. In addition, VPS Hosting provides dedicated resources that ensure high-level performance, lower downtime, and speed for your website.

Steps on How To Secure VPS Hosting With Root Access

When you are web hosting on a VPS Server, VPS security becomes essential. Let’s look at some ways to secure a VPS Server with root access.

  1. Monitor Root Access

As we discussed before, root access allows users to access, make changes, or add to all critical and valuable data. When multiple users are working on the server, human errors are bound to happen. 

These errors can lead to loss or damage of critical data. To lower these human error risks, you can restrict access to only certain users who can manage the server.

  1. Monitor Internet Access

Most of the applications on web hosting do not need to be online. The only required reason for these applications to be online is when they require an update. When an application has access to the internet, it is at risk of cyberattacks or viruses. 

The best way to avoid these risks and secure your server is to monitor internet access. If certain applications do not need the internet, disable the internet access. 

  1. Install Third-Party Security Software

Different third-party security software cater to different security concerns. Some security applications might protect against denial of service (DOS) attacks, while some might protect against malware. 

Determine what security measures your business requires then use root access to install these third-party security software. 

  1. Set Up Firewalls

A firewall offers the advantage of only authorized users having access to the VPS Server. This is because firewall features include restricting unwanted connections and traffic to your server.

Additionally, you can set up firewalls through IP tables. This allows you to control which services and IP addresses can have servers.

To Wrap it Up

Since VPS Hosting provides secure and reliable web hosting services, it ensures the growth and success of your website. In addition, it offers complete control and root access over VPS security, allowing you to manage server security easily. 

Thus, you can use root access in different ways, as mentioned above, to secure your VPS Server.  

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