Car Accident Lawyers: Why You Need One

Melissa M. Taylor
What Do Car Accident Lawyers Do? | Gomez Trial Attorneys

Car accidents, even minor ones, can cause significant injury. Your accident could cost you hundreds of thousands in medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Not your fault in a car accident? Get compensation. Getting an attorney is the best method to find out if you can get damages.

Promotes Health and Happiness

Florida people have a strong belief that auto accident attorney st. petersburg fl take care of cases from start to finish if you hire them. There is no need for you to be concerned about collecting proof. The collection of your medical records and any negotiations with the opposing party will be handled by your attorney. 

Communication with the insurance company could potentially be handled by them. Your physical and mental health will benefit from your being able to channel all of your efforts into getting well.

As your case moves forward, your attorney will keep you apprised of developments. This also applies to any offers of settlement that you may receive. Having an attorney on your side will end up saving you a ton of hassle, stress, and time.

Making the Most of Your Paycheck

Conducting research and collecting evidence is the initial stage of legal representation. In the aftermath of a vehicle accident, a lawyer can help you gauge the true value of your claim. Since their compensation is contingent, they have an incentive to maximize the payment.

Their compensation is directly proportional to the amount of money they bring in for you. Living in California, auto accident attorney redding ca is necessary to avoid settling your claim for less than its value. Attorneys usually highlight case strengths. They’ll explore all financial recovery options. Data demonstrates that represented car accident injury claimants receive higher compensation.

Avoiding Insurance Company Attacks

Insurance companies love unrepresented claimants. Insurers will employ many methods to undervalue or deny your claims. They may:

  • Slow claim processing 
  • Demand a recorded statement (false) 
  • Distort your remarks to get them to underpay your claim. 
  • Make you settle immediately for less than you deserve. 
  • Your lawyer will handle all insurance company and legal team discussions. Their direct contact is unnecessary. Your lawyer will defend your interests if they need to talk to you.  

 Legal Deadlines Meeting

Personal injury statutes of limitations apply to most legal proceedings. This is the lawsuit filing deadline. Different states have different deadlines. It’s one year from injury in certain states and four years in others. Your car accident attorney knows your case’s deadlines. Most go above and beyond for deadlines. 

When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Do you need an attorney after a vehicle accident? We always recommend hiring a lawyer, but if your accident matches these criteria, consider hiring one: 

  • You needed medical attention after your accident.
  • Property damage from your accident
  • The accident kept you from work.
  • The accident involved numerous participants and culpability is unknown.
  • A dispute exists over fault.
  • Your insurance claim is complicated.
  • No-fault state for your accident
  • Your police report is inaccurate.

People question how long they have to get a lawyer after an accident. Personal injury claims have statutes of limitations in most states. If you were injured in an accident, hire a lawyer immediately. File a claim within one to three years.

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