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The number of infrastructure, production, and building projects has increased recently. Therefore, it makes sense to have one or more pieces of equipment that can assist in finishing projects on schedule without requiring a lot of human labor. The problem lies in the abundance of available options for various machines and equipment, making choosing the appropriate one quite tricky. Check out these standard heavy machinery that make the work easier for different industries.

Ship loaders

A ship loader is a huge bulk material machine used for bulk material wharf loading. A typical ship loader consists of a clutch, boom belt conveyor, telescopic chute, transition belt conveyor, pitch device, running device, tail car, gantry, tower, etc. Energy, power, metallurgy, ports, and other industries depend heavily on large port bulk loading equipment, particularly regarding the rapid, steady, effective, and rolling development of specific bulk distribution hubs. Most loaders are continuous loaders. As a result, it is essential to have matched equipment from Kor Pak to ensure a constant material flow.


The purpose of excavators is groundwork. You can select tracks or wheels for excavators based on what best suits your business. There are several tasks that excavators can complete, such as:

  • Excavating and material handling
  • Cutting asphalt
  • Backfilling
  • Dredging
  • Demolition.

Additionally, a range of attachments are compatible with these machines.


A bulldozer is a standard piece of machinery for tasks including digging, clearing, and leveling. These machines can grade smooth surfaces and move materials. Additionally, they can push through portions of buildings, roadways, small trees, and stumps.

Bulldozers are equipped with a metal plate on the front to drive through and remove the top layer of earth at your construction site. You can pick the depth you wish to work at because the plate is changeable. Bulldozers can also be used for sand, brush, and garbage tasks.

Container reacher stacker

The machinery used for loading and unloading containers, stacking them, and transferring them horizontally is called a container reach stacker. Its benefits include its powerful movement, excellent efficiency, dependability and safety, ease of use, and comfort. In the freight yard, it’s the perfect equipment for loading and unloading.

Floating cranes

This a crane-equipped floating platform that can be positioned anywhere in the port, berthed, or relocated to the anchorage for transshipment. Generally speaking, a floating crane can carry large objects, so it is utilized primarily for heavy cargo loading and unloading in ports. The boom on the ship is stationary and rotational, furnished with a lifting machine. In general, lifting capacities vary from several hundred to several thousand tons. In addition, it can serve as a port engineering vessel.


A compactor is helpful when you need to level a surface. These devices are available in many configurations to suit a variety of tasks, including trench, soil, asphalt, and landfill rollers. Depending on the needs of the job and your preferences, compactors can be ride-on or walk-behind. Whatever your site needs, a compactor is available, regardless of the terrain or size of the task.


Being an excellent investment, you should choose the right industrial equipment to ensure it meets your needs.

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