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I was a guy from a small city who knew nothing about trading and Forex. I always wanted to be rich but never thought about how to achieve it. In my city, there is no most popular job – teacher… My dad works in a bank, and it’s all that I knew about work till the moment when I started trading with the help of MyTradingCollege. There were some other people that started to trade around the same time. There were two more guys – Pavel and Dmitriy.

My first impression of its platform was not so good. That is why I decided to learn Forex trading from others as well. It took six months for me to find out that it’s hard, really hard… And my learning curve started with MyTradingCollege.

I am not going to write about shipping and customer service. The reason why I am writing this Forex Trading Course Review is because of its unique course for beginners that I have ever seen anywhere else, especially on the Internet.

It’s easy to say how important it is, but not all people understand it. The course is not simply about how to use the platform, but also how NOT TO LOSE your money and HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH PAST PRICES.

Here I am going to reveal some of their secret strategies, which are a little bit different from any other ones I have read anywhere else. You can give a completely brief outlook about Forex. That’s why lots of people think that it’s useless – they don’t even understand how many different ways to earn money there are in Forex.

I think I need to say something about its instructors. Their names are not public; no one knows who they are. They only give you the certificate if you have done all the tasks correctly and read all their courses.

MyTradingCollege Forex Trading Course Review – Useful Tips for Beginners:

It’s a little bit different when it comes to real-life trading… You need to be aware of many different things that can affect your money. And I think this is the main point of this MyTradingCollege Forex Trading Course Review.

I will be 100% honest with you, and I won’t include some of the things that I like about it as well. There are many other people who love to cheat money from others by showing them something special, which does not exist (as it seems). So, I would like to say thanks to the guys from MyTradingCollege for their honesty, because I don’t know another company that would be so honest about everything.

The Three Courses

Lite Course:

  • offers 130 pages of action-packed eBooks
  • 90 minutes of easy-to-follow Videos
  • Economic Calendar
  • Market News

My experience with Lite Course was very good. I had no idea what to do before I started it, and now I feel more confident because of those lessons.

The only problem that I have with Lite Course is that there are too many eBooks for an ordinary guy like me who doesn’t like reading a lot of them. But if you find some time for it, then you can get a lot from it.

The most important thing about this course for me is that it started to teach me how to earn money. A lot of people start trading and lose all their deposits 2-3 weeks after that. I don’t want to be one of them because of that. I started reading the lessons a few months ago, and it starts to make me feel more confident about myself as well!

Plus Course:

  • Trading Psychology
  • Advanced eBooks
  • In-depth Videos
  • Daily Analysis
  • Asset Trends

I liked the Plus course because it is so simple and easy. It’s not the same as it was before when I had to read a lot of texts about things that I don’t really need. Those lessons are very short but informative enough for me.

I learned there what to do in different situations. It’s not the same thing if the US dollar has changed its trend or it does not change at all. This information is very important for me, and I am still learning more things about it.

There are some other courses that have nothing to do with Forex (but those lessons were really useful). Trading Psychology taught me how to think better, how to make better decisions about my money. Daily Analysis was great because it showed me some news that I had never heard of before.

As a result, I took another step forward into the world of Forex trading. I am more experienced now, and my decisions are based on facts and conclusions (not only on rumors).

One drawback of this course which is minor for me is that I had to wait for a while to get access. But when it comes to quality, then it’s more than worth it because I have never seen or read something like this before!

Plus Course:

  • All the Advanced Lessons
  • In-depth Laws of Economics
  • Complete list of Trading Terms
  • Basic & Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Professional Trading Strategies & Tools

All the above-mentioned points in Plus Course are great, and I liked them a lot. But if I have to choose one, then it would be Advanced Technical Analysis because that’s the tool that helps you make your decisions (as well as using other tools). Learning how to read charts is quite difficult at first, but when you start doing it, then you will get used to it very soon.

In addition, I loved using the Professional Trading Strategies & Tools.

They have a complete list of Forex trading terms. I remember once when my friend told me that he knows how to trade, but that his problem is that he doesn’t know what those things mean. So, by having this study at hand, you can learn everything at your own pace!

Customer Service

The most important thing about MyTradingCollege is that you can contact them any time if you have problems with the system or courses. I talked to one of their Customer Support Agents, and he explained to me everything in detail in a language that was well understood. Plus, he gave me some useful advice which helped a lot.

So, if you are still not sure whether it’s worth joining or not, then you can always contact them and ask for their opinion. I am pretty sure that they will give you a detailed answer and some useful tips!

The Platform Focuses on Client Satisfaction and Success.

MyTradingCollege offers a comprehensive, in-depth training system that provides you with every aspect of Forex trading – from the basics to strategy and execution. We offer not only educational resources but also an active community for daily market information updates and live interaction as well. Members can take advantage of our Advanced Trading Strategies courses (personalized by professional traders) that teach you how to analyze the market trends, predict price movements, and place trades for maximum profit.

MyTradingCollege caters to all levels of experience from beginner to professional trader. Regardless of your starting point, their proprietary courseware and lessons helped me achieve my financial goals with real-world strategies on how to predict market moves, increase my trading account and manage risk. I learned how to open a Demo Trading Account, trade in the real-world environment, and receive ongoing support from their professional analysts regarding any questions I may have during my Forex trading career.

MyTradingCollege Forex Trading Course Review – Pros and Cons:

Pro: The most important thing is that it’s NOT A SCAM! And many people who read this article are going to say that it’s just a scam. And I am here to tell you; IT ISN’T!

Con: It takes time and effort for every single step.

Pro/Con: You need more than one Forex trading account because you are going to test what you learn from them on live market conditions, which is the most important thing.

Con: There are not too many people who want to share their experience and knowledge; because they don’t want other people to take advantage of their knowledge and start making money without paying them for it.

Con: If you have got any psychological problems, then Forex trading might not be right for you; just keep in mind that there are lots of people who start with Forex trading, and they do have problems.

There is no way to become a successful trader overnight. To achieve any kind of success, you need dedication, hard work, and patience… And MyTradingCollege courses can help you to reach your goal!

My Advice for You:  The only advice I can give to you is that it really depends on your personality. If you are a person who likes trading and he wants to invest his money, then he should definitely follow this platform. The most important thing for the beginner Forex trader is that MyTradingCollege offers not only educational resources but also an active community – where people like you can share their knowledge and experience.

I hope that this MyTradingCollege Forex Trading Course Review was helpful for you to make your final decision.

You can take a look at their website and find other reviews as well! Before you decide to invest any money, please read some of them, including the bad ones, because they might be more honest than good ones… It’s easy to find people who want to tell you only good things about a Forex trading company, but it’s hard to find someone who wants to tell you the truth.

And one more thing… If you have already traded with another platform and if you liked it, please write your own review as well! I am sure that many other beginners will appreciate your work!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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