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Everybody wants to earn extra money and investment has always been a great way to earn extra money with little effort. I am a kindergarten teacher and as we all know teachers don’t get paid much yet they work very hard. Also being a single father I wanted to earn extra but also not risking to lose my job.

I started discussing this with my colleagues and some of them were interested in trading. One of my colleagues said he knew a trader who can teach us well for $500 but I didn’t have the money and was looking for something free online or traditional way to get started as cheap as possible.

Also, I didn’t have much knowledge about trading so putting in money in trading was risky for me. So, I thought it’s better to educate myself enough to understand what I am doing and also to get my hands on trading market for free so that if I feel like it, I can invest some money in trading.

I started researching online and came across number of websites but most of them were designed for experienced traders, charging high price or a group that was too slow. So, I gave up hope.

After few days my colleague told me about KeepAbit-trading platform; that was made for beginners. He said he doesn’t really know much about it and neither have been involved in trading yet but one of his friends who started using it mentioned that they were making good profits, without any knowledge or experience.

I took time to research on this Platform and found out this platform is designed in a way that any level of trader can use it. They have a live chat where I sent my questions and got feedback, I also tried to figure out how it works by reading the “About Us” section on the website. They have so many articles that are very informative as well as fun to read. 

Let’s go through some main aspects of what makes this platform a decent broker of any level of trader and how it has helped me in making profits with trading.

As a Trading platform: 

The outlook of the platform is quite standard for a trading platform, it’s clean and easy to use. The graphics they have used are quite suitable for such website. The colors used are light and bright with black font which makes it easier to read, overall the graphics make trading on keep a bit feel professional but easy to use at the same time. There a Live chat icon embedded to every page of the website which makes getting in contact with keep a bit so easy.

The webpage is easy to navigate, previous/next links with the help of ‘back to top’ button is available which makes moving around through the webpage easier, besides this the website itself is also very well organized from a layout point of view. The information about cryptos and fiats is clearly mentioned.

There is a section on the platform that entails all the latest news to keep the clients up to date with what is going on in the FIAT and cryptocurrency worlds. However, there are options to select different dialects which is think the platform should consider adding, it would make a lot easier for their clients to use the platform in the language they are most comfortable in.

One of the things that attracted me to start using this exchange was its simplicity. There are no complications as you find in other exchanges, it is user friendly and allows for fast execution of transactions. Another appealing factor is that it allows clients to make use of Bank Wire but this is the only method of payment they offer. I would love to some more options from this platform.

Registration process:

The registration process on Keep a bit is very easy and I was able to register within minutes, there is no need to verify my account manually. The customer service staff has been quite helpful when I had any questions in regards to trading or whether they offer certain coins. When you first register you have to verify your email, this is one of the simplest ways to do so by a very clear instruction screen being given to you; it says, “Go to your email inbox and click the confirmation link.

The ease of creating an account is one of Keep a bit’s benefit compared to other crypto currency platform; other exchanges make you wait for days even weeks in order to transfer fund into their respective accounts before you start trading. One thing that is worth noting is that no information that you share with the platform is shared with the other party. This is an important factor which adds to Keep a bits security.

Safety and Security:

Every exchange has to ask the question of safety and security. The first thing that comes during my mind is impendence like what are you doing with the data I send to your servers? Are you sending it back to me or stealing from me. Is there any fire wall for keeping hackers away? How can I have control over my account and manage it? Keep a bit trading platform answers all the questions. Once you register your account and deposit money there are many security checks that follow and those includes; 2 Factor Authentication, Password manager, Email verification (regular email), SMS verification. I found all these security measures to be great help when I was trying to recover my password. It helped me a lot and thus the platform is safe to use.

To let their clients now that they are safe with KeepAbit, the platform has listed all the policies it follows and expects their users to follow as well. These policies include; Terms and conditions, Privacy Policies, KYC policy, Refund and Cancellation policy, and even AML/CTF statement. After going through all these policies I felt that I will be safe with this platform.

Customer Service:

Customer service: It one of the most important factors in an online trading site. I’m so glad in keep a bit that I can trade any time of the day or night, but sometimes I was shock because they offer 24 hrs. Customer service and chat assistance via email. They always answer my questions patiently and help me complete the order even though it’s 9 o’clock at night.

In order to contact them there are 3 options to do so; Live chat, email and via Phone. However, the phone service is only available for Australia and Estonia. This is where I feel restricted as I live UK but the live chat option and email option has been work just fine for me.

Most of the people who trade on an exchange have lots of question in their mind about the assets to trade, how to use tools etc. This is where keep a bit have really help me a lot when it comes to Customer service. I was once stuck with few questions regarding crypto and I needed some insightful information regarding it. So, I decided to call them and one of their representatives answered my call. The representative calmly let me finish with all my queries and answered all my questions. He had some excellent knowledge of these crypto assets and I really appreciate that call.

The customer support is very helpful, informative, and knowledgeable which enable me to get the most out of my investment. So overall I am extremely happy with keep a bit customer service.

Protect Your Account:

There is section on KeepAbit platform under the name “Protect Your Account”. It will help you to get a better understanding on how to choose the right way of managing your account. The section was divided into 7 headings; 

  • Protecting you from digital threats, 
  • Common Fraud & Scam Prevention, 
  • Two-Factor Authentication, 
  • How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication, 
  • Cybersecurity Threats Protection, 
  • KeepAbit’s Recommendation, and 
  • KeepAbit: A Transparent Crypto Exchange.

I think this is a great way to educate the clients on how this platform runs things and how are they making sure that their clients are safe and secure with them.


Keep a bit trading platform has helped me to understand the world of Forex and made me profits. It is my great pleasure to be part of this community and experience all this. Thank you to keep a bit for making my dream come true. I now have a full time job as a teacher and doing trading as well on the side only because of this platform. 

So far in my journey with KeepAbit I didn’t have any complaints or major issues to deal with. It is easy to understand, logical and has inbuilt learning curve that lets every trader develop his/her own strategy. I have learnt much more than i could have hoped for from their webpage and have always felt that with the help of their news section i am always up-to-date with what’s happening in the trading market.

Disclaimer: This review from my own experience and self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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