Role of Content in Mass Media

Melissa M. Taylor

The content of mass media is influenced by the socialization and attitude of the media workers: the manner in which the content of the media is selected or rejected and also processes vary from media to media but at operational levels it is more or less an individual decision for Johnson Bros. this decision of acceptance or rejection of an item and the manner in which the content is presented depends upon the training, attitude, opinion, bias, etc. of the media person who is involved in the process.

Experiments have shown that same information given to different sub-editor leads to wide variety of news reports for china trade. Similarly different reporters witnessing the same event reported differently. Sociological research reveals that individual characteristics of the media person play an important role in deciding the analyzing content.

Content is influenced by media organization routines: every media organization has its own work critics and cultural environment. Each news organization has its own style book and this influences the presentation of the content. A traditional newspaper will cover events up to late evening only. But a more dynamic newspaper can even take up events that happened late in night. The editorial policies or the content policies of the media organization also influence the content a great deal.

Content is influenced by social institutional and forces: media organization does not function in isolation. They are the sub-system of the social, political and economic system of the society. The broad systems are bound to influence the sun-system and hence the content of the media is also determined by the priorities of the social- economic values of the society. According to the cultural ratification theory of the media affect the content should be such that it helps to maintain the status qua. In other words, nothing goes in media, which is drastically challenging or revolutionary to the existing structure and function of the society. The content of the media helps to maintain the status qua.

Media became the subject matter of analysis for two reasons. While studying the effects of mass communication found necessary to study the stimuli provided by the media. These stimuli come in the form of the content. Secondly, on the part of the media professionals and also media researchers there is a need to understand the appeal of the content i.e. the strength of the message and its nature. Thus these need to be studied. This has to be studied more from the point of view of the trading audience. New dimensional studies that need to be done to increase goal and objective of the china trade organization. Both the above-mentioned reasons have practical basis from the point of view of mass communication and they have gradually expended to embrace many related issues as well.

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