The 5 Best Home Essentials You Need

Y​our home should be a place that is safe, peaceful, and most importantly feels like you. However, even when striving to create a home that is just right for you, there can be things that get in the way of building such an environment. The day-to-day can quickly get in the way of peace and quiet with things like work, kids, pets, and everything else in between. But, with the addition of some home essentials, your space can be transformed into a place you’re proud of. There’s no need to buy up the entire department store—all you need are a handful of home staples to take your living space to the next level. Here are five of the best home essentials you need to get the most out of your place:

Magnetic Screen Door

M​any people forget that the front yard and backyard are a part of the home, too. Probably because it can become difficult and/or tedious to repeatedly open and close a heavy door when you come and go. This is where a magnetic screen door can help change your experience. Instead of constantly messing with the door, simply attach a mesh screen door with magnets to your threshold to allow you to leave it open. This addition lets fresh air into your space while also expanding the space itself, making it great for hosting guests and spreading out. And possibly the best part: the magnets make this screen door hands-free, allowing you to carry things in and out without incident.

Area Rugs

A​n area rug is the quickest way to spruce up any home. Not only does it eliminate the bare feeling of a room, it also makes the space feel bigger while setting the tone for the room. You can choose a rug that compliments the theme of your home in color, texture, and shape. It’s hard to go wrong with neutral tones such as white and grey, and splashes of color can help add character to the room. And whether you decide to go for a shag or standard look, with an area rug, you can dwell in a place that feels lived in rather than a place that appears void of emotion.

Floor Lamp

L​ighting affects our mood, outlook, and even how we view the world. Having a well-lit living space can positively impact your day-to-day life, so why not add some light to your space? If your space isn’t already well-lit, a floor lamp can help add a touch of light. The size of the lampshade or bowl can determine how much light you’ll receive, so be mindful of this when selecting the best style for your space. And aside from the lighting itself, a floor lamp can also double as a nice accent piece for the home.

Home Storage

Clutter can cause chaos and disarray in the home by crowding the space and displacing items in the home. One of the best ways to cut down on clutter is to add storage items to the home that are made to blend in while creating additional space for said items. Home storage such as ottomans, trunks, baskets, and storage cupboards can help you keep your space clutter-free and livable. Storage doesn’t have to be plain—you can choose pieces that match your decor, add a touch of color to your environment, or even pieces that help you get the best use of your living space. Pick the pieces that fit you best and eliminate the clutter for good.

Shoe Rack

F​amilies are no strangers to the pile of shoes that get stacked by the door. When there is no place to store things, those things tend to become the clutter we work hard to avoid. Coats go on a rack or stand when people arrive, so why shouldn’t shoes? Keeping a shoe rack by the door can help keep shoes orderly and tucked away, allowing you to enjoy your home without the risk of tripping on scattered shoes. Smaller shoe racks work great for smaller households, while a shoe cupboard could be a better option for larger families. No matter who or what is in the home, a shoe rack is sure to make life easier.

H​ome Essentials Review

W​hether your living space is small or large, there are many ways to transform it into a place that feels more spacious, less cluttered, and more usable for residents and guests of the home. You don’t need to break the bank to transform your home. There are certain home essentials that are reasonably priced yet still provide the efficient assistance you need. Use this list to evaluate what you need, what you want, and what you are able to add to your place. Make your home sweet with a thoughtful approach and some special touches.

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