Best Accent Chairs for Dramatic room: A Perfect Design Ideas

Yorkshire Fabric Shop accent chairs are common in living rooms but they can also be assets of bedrooms especially if your room has more space. When choosing a comfortable accent chair, you have to consider many factors; the shape, the style, material, color and design. These are the considerations you have to make to improve the existing furniture.

Additionally, aside from the fact that accent chairs provide additional seats to your room, these are also designed to add visual interest and they can help add personality to your dramatic room. Some accent chairs have eye-catching patterns, bright colors, nice quality fabrics and unique shape or sizes.

Today, let us know what are the best accent chairs for your room.

  1. Shape and size

Accent chairs may come in different shapes and sizes. It’s best to choose or select a shape that emphasizes other furniture in the room. You can choose variety of shapes and sizes for your accent chair.

  1. Swivel chair- this kind of accent chair is rotated to a position that is easy to move. From the living room to the home office, it is ideal for watching TV, chatting or working on paper works. Swivel chairs are also ideal in a smaller space.
  2. Barrel chair- another accent chair ideal for room that is smaller. It also gives comfort because of its round and curved back.
  3. Wing chair- if you are into sophistication but not compromising comfort, then a wing chair can be a great suggestion also. This high-back chair has a protective “wings” on the top. Some wing accent chairs provide a more simplified modern version of this classic style.
  • Material

Materials for your accent chair are also top on the list. You should pick fabrics or textiles that is in high quality and will satisfy your needs. Some fabrics perfect for your desired accent chair are as follows are available at Yorkshire Fabric Shop. Here are some of it:

  1. Suede- suede fabric is a very durable fabric. The thin natural texture of suede brings exquisite and delicate texture. The appearance is smooth as well. The suede is very soft and the soft brushing gives the fabric a charming texture.
  2. Velvet- unlike other fabrics, velvet is a fabric without fleece and loose threads. It has a flat pile similar to a velvet carpet and is also highly durable. This means that is not only an ideal material for the home furnishings, but also you will not see dust and pet hair fall.

Moreover, today’s velvet is usually made of synthetic and natural fibers, but was originally made of silk. Since silk velvet is very expensive, it is also rare today. Most velvet sold today is a combination of silk and rayon.

  • Leather- leather is a fabric made of animal skin. Leather also is a durable, wrinkle-resistant fabric. This is also ideal for your accent chair as some accent chairs today are made from leather.
  • Style and Design

When choosing an accent chair, make sure that the design or style of that chair fits your personality and taste. Some designs you may choose are:

  1. Geometric patterns- They can be done in two or three dimensions. Even if they are square, they can be as smooth as an arc. A common misconception is that the geometric shapes of interior design like your accent chair are always composed of strong cutting lines, but the geometric shapes of circles and the like are the same as triangles, squares and hexagons.
  • Floral- floral patterns for your accent chair give you a tropical look for your interior. It is somewhat girly but with the right combination of color scheme, you will create a trendy modern look for your accent chair.
  • Colors

Aside from the design, it is also important to know and choose the right color for your accent chair that will completely complement you entire interior. You can also mix two to three colors as long as it complements and supports the theme of your room.

Accent chair is additional furniture to make your home more welcoming and elegant. If you want to know where to purchase materials for your accent chair, then visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop. They offer a helping hand to assist you on your venture on getting the accent chair you desire.

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