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My Story

I was never ready for it. I had no idea that a delivery boy would end up being one of the most popular traders in the country. Yes, I had no plans of becoming a trader and forex was something I had only heard of. I had no idea what it meant, how it worked, or what you needed to study to become a forex trader. I meet traders who aspire to become rich businessmen one day and they start preparing for it from childhood. I like this attitude though. I think this can save you from huge monsters sitting in the forex world to eat up all the young ones. 

Yeah, so I was telling you that I never thought I would join forex. Back then the times were very harsh for us as a family. Each one of us dreamt of becoming rich one day but we could see no means. I remember doing so many jobs at a time in an attempt to chase my dreams but nothing worked. One day, I was at my job and I had to deliver groceries to a house in the neighbourhood. With heavy grocery paper bags in my hand, uniform cap over my head and tiredness in my eyes and bones, I knocked on the door. There came a guy who was something around 42. He gave me 5000 when the bill was only 2000. I quickly wanted to return the balance. I had an idea how much it costs when you are someone who has just joined the job. But to my surprise, when I put my hand in my pocket he asked me to keep the change. I looked up in surprise to find him grinning from ear to ear. Before I could say something, he took the pen out of my pocket and signed the delivery letter. 

I had heard of generous customers but I had never seen anyone like him. While he was signing I peeped inside to see a group of men were pointing towards complex graphs and I could hear the word forex again and again. This gave me an idea, as soon as my amazement ended, that these were in reality the forex traders. 

That was the day when hope finally entered our lives. I knew forex could take me places I had dreamt of. However, my journey was not as smooth as it looks. I had to go through a very rough patch even after joining. After listening to those traders, I took an off and went straight to my cousin’s friend who was my friend too. I asked him what forex trading was and he told me all that I should have known. He said it holds a lot of potential but be careful that you can lose all you have in no time.

I understood what he said but implemented it very late. I was told that it is not only the nature of the field which is hard, in fact, but there are also a lot of fake forex firms that are no less than demons. I wanted to reach success very fast and I kept trusting all the fake firms that claimed high Investment returns. I remember it took me around 4 forex firms before I finally reached Chelsea Investments. I was told about this one by a very close friend who had been with me since the old delivery boy days. He said his uncle uses this one and he keeps saying that he is very much satisfied by this firm. After listening to what he said, I was ready to invest with this broker but I did not want to end up paying another fake one so I went out into the market to do all my research. 

A Note to Young Traders

Hello, young buds. I hope you all are doing well and staying safe from fake firms. I am here to tell you all that this review is being written for you all, in particular, to help you understand the harsh realities of the forex world and to guide you all regarding what to look for in a forex broker. I hope my Chelsea Investments Review will help you through the process, so let’s start. 

My Overall Experience

My overall experience with this broker was good. I am happy with the way this company has served me for so many years. I have never found the firm compromising on major issues like security and privacy but there are some small shortcomings that need to be addressed. Although they have never appeared to be a great hindrance in my and most of my friends’ trading ventures, you never know because this is what sets this field apart from the others. Two people cannot always have the same needs, wants and demands even if they are trading the same asset. 

Chelsea Investments was first introduced to me years back, and since then I have been satisfied with the way they have served me. I’ll describe a few factors that J have liked the most and some that need to be worked on. 

Areas That Have Satisfied Me

The first thing that I have liked a lot is the security. You should understand the importance of this factor before you enter the industry. These days the companies fail to invest in security and the ever-advancing hackers end up gaining entry into the private data and funds of the customers. A good broker would keep investing heavily in security and this is what I have seen happening at this one. The company administration keeps telling the customers about their duty too, such as keep changing passwords, do not share Devices, do not log in from unreliable devices, etc. If you go in the market, you will find all traders telling you that they haven’t seen or heard anything suspicious about the security system of the company and that is true. Security is a 5/5 here. 

Customer Service is the next area that has managed to satisfy me. If you ever get stuck in any sort of problem, you should get in touch with the customer support representative instantly and explain your problem. They are well equipped and hold all the relevant information to guide you through the problems. The firm has made available many methods to get in touch such as Phone, Email, Form and Live Chat. Although Phone is not available for most of the traders, the rest of the communication means are responsive and offer you comprehensive replies. Because I cannot make use of the phone option, I count on Live Chat. 

A large number of Tradable Assets is another thing that helps you grow as a trader. There are firms that key you trade a small number of assets and such firms are not determined to make your future brighter. The more options you have, the diverse your portfolio is and this means thatyou will never fall short of opportunities. I like how the platform lets you trade forex, commodities, stocks, Indices and much more altogether. I remember when I had just joined I was only forex trading but gradually my financial manager helped me explore crypto and other areas that proved to be beneficial. 

Tools and Instruments should also be providing you with real-time data instead of the one cooked by management in an attempt to steal the funds. Here at Chelsea Investments, the firm makes use of high technology software that works on the past trends to suggest. Although they are quite beneficial for traders, you should not be relying on them solely. I think the tools at this forum are great and help you a lot in making well researched timely decisions. 

Some Drawbacks

There have not been a lot of them but I have noticed a few and I’ll try to explain them quickly. 

  • The first one of them is that when you open the web version of the website, you can see a small bar that keeps you updated about the date and the time. This bar helps you keep a track of time zone differences and it is great. However, this bar is not there in the phone version and this needs to be worked on. 
  • The second thing that I have noticed is that the website is only available in English. Although most traders can work well with it, there must be a whole lot who can’t. If you are not an English Native you should be careful about it. 
  • The last thing I have noticed is that there is no option to make payments in the form of Bitcoin. There are many firms present that let you make use of the bitcoin option. This needs to be added to the website because bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular these days. 

I have found Chelsea Investments good for myself. You can look into this if you are looking for someone that you can trust. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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