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  • ATC code

ATC in science and chemical studies stands for the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical. After many reforms and corrections, scientist came up with the idea of the ATC code, which is yet another type of classification of the drugs. Used to classify the active ingredients in drugs, this method is indeed an easy way of classification.

One can now easily put medical drugs into a category according to the organ in which the chemical is acting vigorously. In short, this system of classification puts the drug into the category based on which human organ they react with.

Well, this process of differentiation is done by the world’s leading health organization like WHO and so on. 

Although, the ATC code of Amfonelic acid remains none. Due to which Amfonelic has the capability of reacting with any human organs, particularly the brain. Thus, this drug is considered to be the best for those who have weak memory power and/or learning ability.

  • IUPAC name

IUPAC stands for International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Almost all the chemical compound from A to Z has an IUPAC name different from each other. This name depends upon the structure of the compound. There is not much to understand about IUPAC. It’s simply data in written form which tells the number of carbon atoms present in an element. 

Although it might be confusing at first sight, if you know the atomic name of any element, that it is a child’s play for you. 

However, the IUPAC name of Amfonelic acid powder at is (7-benzyl-1-ethyl-4-oxo-1,4-dihydro-1,8-naphthyridine-3). Don’t worry; it’s just a scientific name of a medical drug that helps to recognizes carbon atoms. 

  • Other chemical data of Amfonelic
  1. Formula

The molecular formula of any element helps to study the behaviour against something. Talking about medical drugs like Amfonelic, it must be accurate so that they can be used locally.

After much research by scientist, it is found that there are 18 carbon atoms, 16 hydrogens, two nitrogen and lastly, three oxygen atoms in one single molecule of Amfonelic. So, by hook or crook, the formula will be “C18H16N2O3”. Any normal pharmaceutical scientist can just look at the formula and tell that Amfonelic is a stimulant and not a narcotics.

  1. Molecular mass

The molecular mass of an atom is quite significant to know the benefits and application of an element. Any mistake in calculating the mass of an element and the whole world has to face the consequences. 

When it’s a drug, the researchers have to get the next level of concentration power to ensure accuracy. After all, they have the lives of a million people all over the world. Sometimes, it gets very tedious and complicated to calculate the weight of a substance that can’t be seen through naked eyes. 

Well, we use advanced lab technologies here at our research laboratory. According to our data, the 100 per cent accurate molecular mass of Amfonelic acid is “308.337 g·mol−1”.  You can check this page for other items.

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