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I understand how difficult it has become to find the right forex firms. Being an old and experienced trader, I see every day that the firms make use of the immaturity of trader’s to exploit them and steal their hard-earned money. With the increasingly unfavourable conditions, survival rates are becoming less and the only way you can live through the hard times is that you take up the responsibility to yourself and research. There are many things that you want to take care of. I will try to discuss most of them so that you can benefit from my experience and avoid heavy losses. 

I got to know about CVMarkets from a very close friend. Be had been using this one for very long and he said a broker like this one was rare to find. After reading with this broker for so long I get what he meant and I believe that this company runs on a principle of Client First. Today, I will be reviewing CVMarkets for you in the hope that I can be of any help to all the young traders out there. So let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of this forex firm.


Interface, theme and overall look

Whenever you sign up for a website or a platform that you are going to use for longer periods then you should make sure that you always look into how the website works. I know many traders who have been very upset because the website doesn’t work in a manner that facilitates them. I have been a customer of a broker which had a website that kept lagging my computer. I have also heard of websites that keep showing errors and do not load easily. When you are trading, you do not want to be interrupted by any such factors and it is recommended that you inquire beforehand.  

CVMarkets is a company that has invested a lot in this factor. If you open the website, you will see that the firm has focused a lot on making the website easy to use. This reflects that the company takes care of their customers in all possible ways. The website has been put out in a way that traders who are not into technology can use it easily too. The same goes for the theme. When I first opened the website, the theme was the first thing I noticed. The combination of blue and white makes it very attractive. The blue colour is what some traders applaud a lot but I belong to the other league. For me, the dark theme is not something very pleasing because it makes it hard for me to read out complicated and precise values. If the website had a lighter background, it would have been better for me. 

Registration Process

The next thing that we want to talk about is the registration process. I do not understand why some firms make the registration process very hard on purpose. You should always go to a broker that keeps the processes simple. Some of the firms add up extra fields and seek irrelevant information. Many say that later they can use this information for unethical uses. The less and the relevant information asked, the better it is. 

Here at CVMarkets, this is not the case. It is the broker’s top priority to make sure all processes and procedures are kept simple and this can be seen from the small registrar form. If you click on the Open an account option, you will see that a small form appears which will ask you for basic information like your name, the country you belong to, phone number and email. Once you provide that, you will have to set up a password. Make sure you pick a password that is a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Try to make it something which cannot be guessed easily. You are also advised to keep changing it frequently. After filling out the form next you will be asked if you agree to some linked legal documents. It is a common trend that traders do not go through these documents and then regret this attitude after they are scammed. I would highly recommend that you read all of these thoroughly. 

Legal Section

The legal section at the bottom of the landing page is something you should never miss reading. Scammers have made use of incomplete legal documents the most. They use words that are very non-specific and loose in their meaning. Apart from that, they place the headings on the website in a manner that they are not easily seen by the users. One has to be very careful with that. However, an honest broker would never do that. Like here at CVMarkets, the administration urges the users to go through the legal section as many times as they can because it helps them establish an idea about the rights and responsibilities of both the company and the trader. If you go through the legal documents, you will appreciate the amount of transparency. They have clearly stated all the associated risks so that you can take precautionary measures. Some of the documents uploaded are 

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Refund, Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy
  • Anti Money Laundering Policy and KYC
  • Bonus Policy

Customer Support

Let’s talk about customer support now. Any firm, be it working in any industry, can never stay in the market for longer if it does not have a very well laid out customer support that is concerned with the good of the customers. Good customer service makes the traders believe that the firm has their back and this helps them trade in a more confident manner. The representatives have to be very well equipped and they should be able to sort out most of the problems that the traders come across. 

CVMarkets has a great customer support service. I have been getting help from these individuals a lot and all these times I have found them a great source of authentic information. I have been told that before being allowed to get in contact with the customers, these people have to go through some properly designed training sessions. These sessions show them the professional way to deal with customers. It is largely great and my experience has not been bad at all but there are some areas that need to be looked into by the administration. One of them is the unavailability of an international number. This is why most of the traders have to rely on other methods of contact such as email and filling a form. These means are fast and efficient but consumers making use of these cannot carry out one on one communication. Apart from that, the support is not available on weekends and the latter half of the day. This needs to be addressed because traders keep hitting problems all the time because trading doesn’t cease on weekends or midnights. If these are worked on then customer support will be a lot better. I particularly want to appreciate how professional, welcoming and helpful these young men are. 


Feedback mechanism 

I have always believed that feedback is the only tool that allows the company to improve and grow the most. All the good companies have devised ways to collect feedback from the customers. These are the ones who work with the common everyday and hence they can judge better what areas need to be improved. This is one thing I have found lacking in this broker. The firm does not put in the effort to collect feedback and rely on the customers to reach out to the administration. This is very rare because most of the traders do not contact unless they land into a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. 

After collecting the data the firm should analyze it properly and then take measures to improve. After addressing they can share the feedback and how they have been improved with the traders. I have seen some firms upload it on their websites separately. I think this is a great way but it looks unbelievable sometimes. To counter this perspective, they can add the email or any contact information so that they can be contacted to confirm. Adding date, time, day and location can also help. These are just a few suggestions that the firm might want to consider. 


CVMarkets is not an average broker which does not care about the interests of the traders. If you are someone who wants to excel in trading without overpaying the companies or without struggling with horrible websites then you can definitely look into CVMarkets. This forex firm is trusted by millions of traders all around the globe because we all know that this company is not ready to make any compromises on the core areas like security. I wish you all luck with your trading venture. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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