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The world is facing a huge economical crisis due to a global pandemic nowadays. We have witnessed catastrophic decreases in millions of people’s bread and butter or their earnings in the past one and half years. One should know the ways to survive in this highly competitive era. Trading is the best option in my opinion to make your life better and secure so that you will get less affected in case of any pandemic or emergencies. If I talk about myself, I was employed to a 9 to 5 job that has made me psychotic because you cannot always manage all your expenses within a limited salary. I decided after a whole lot of thinking that I should quit my job and become a trader. I did exactly what I set out to do.

I did a quick but detailed research and found that online trading is the best option I can shift myself onto as compared to the traditional or conventional trading ways. I do not want to experiment with traditional trading as I have very little to lose owing to limited experience in that area. So, I talked with my friends who are already working with online brokers but they didn’t give me satisfactory answers to all my queries. In the end, I took a leap of faith and opted for a broker I came across online. Green Tower Investments is a brokerage firm I landed upon accidentally. I wasn’t looking to start working with them just yet as the risk of starting trade with someone completely new didn’t fit well with me. I wasn’t aware at that time that selecting this trading site would pave the way for me to write a review for it one day. But things don’t go the way we imagine, do they now? 

Certain surprising factors about Green Tower Investments lead me to write this review. Their range of amazing services pushed me to give my opinion. Surely, I have also identified some flaws which I will aim to enlist in this review to make it easier for beginners to learn from my experience. 

I will write both the benefits and obstacles that I have experienced while trading with this broker in order to relay my experience with beginner traders. My personal experience with this broker’s online server might make it easier for someone to make a decision. 

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Benefits that I have experienced

Some of the things that impressed me about this platform include its excellent security standards, order execution time, user-friendly website on multiple devices, the professional tools they are using, and the amazing eBooks feature.  

Security Standards

I for one was relieved when I joined this platform as I had gone through a number of not-so-good experiences on other platforms. My biggest fear was the security of my data that was keeping me from shifting to online trading. But thankfully and luckily I have selected a trading site that provides the best security to their partners. I felt relieved after checking their legal documentation and found them to be clear and original. After working with them for over one year now, I have realized that they delivered what they promised me at the beginning. They make it very clear that no third party can access my data or the accounts associated with my business and trading operations. It is a safe and secure platform especially for beginners to start their online trading without any fear of being scammed by anyone. Being a trader I know our biggest fear is the loss of our assets due to the poor security systems of brokers. But luckily, I found that my assets and data are safe and secured with these brokers. 

Order execution time

Another thing that makes me their permanent partner is their exceptional order execution time. Without a broker’s good execution speed, you will not be able to succeed in your trading as customers don’t like delayed orders. But surprisingly, they have managed to deliver all my orders within the given time. I have never experienced any delayed order through them and that’s quite a plus point while working on such a platform with all the money you have. They have a high execution system and optimized software that makes them efficient and quick. They ensure to finalize your deal in the least possible time. What else does a trader want besides finalizing his or her deals within such a quick time? But here I would like to acknowledge that this is my personal experience with Green Tower Investments; you may experience a different one depending on your trading requirements. 

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A User-friendly and Supportive Website 

Interferences that a trader may face during online trading can prove to be quite difficult while operating a trading site. I visited some of the sites besides Green Tower Investments that make the ordeal very complicated for the traders and clients to understand and use. To my luck, this trading site is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. I found it convenient to place my orders and to contact my clients. Besides this, another exciting thing is that this website supports multiple devices. Their web pages are visible and easy to operate even on mobile phones along with computers. 

Professional Tools

One of the best things about Green Tower Investments is that they are offering a variety of professional tools for trading. You can opt for any one of the tools of your choice. These professional tools help you to maximize your trading profit. The chances of losses will be minimized while working with these professional tools and you can earn quite a handsome amount as a stock trader. The variety of the trading tools on this website makes it even easier for me to work through them. 

E-Books Feature

To my surprise, they have specified a section for eBooks that are quite helpful in guiding new traders. There are some really good options if you are looking for a guide on different trading tools. However, it is obvious that there is a need to add some more books in this section but for now, I am pleased and relieved with the help that his section gave me from time to time during my trading ventures.

Obstacles that I have found

While working with Green Tower Investments I have learned and earned a lot. They facilitated me at the start of my career and made me reach where I am today. But there are still some departments where they need to concentrate more in order to become industry-leading brokers. Otherwise, in my opinion, they are already doing their job well enough for the time being. They need to improve their language options, add more options to the payment methods and introduce video lectures for beginners. 

Limited Language Options

This website is offering the English language for trading and general operating procedures. That is quite good because the majority of the trading or communication in this world is carried out by using the English language. But there are other languages also that are equally popular among people and can prove to be convenient for traders if introduced. Green Tower Investments needs to add more language options to its website so that the maximum number of people can carry out their trade while using this online trading platform. 

Absence of PayPal Payment Method

Although Green Tower Investments is offering a wide range of payment methods and currencies they are not offering and entertaining the PayPal method of investment and purchasing. In my opinion, PayPal should be added to their payment methods. It will be helpful for some new traders to add to their balance by using their PayPal account.

Absence of a Video Lecture

When someone is visiting your website for the first time, you must provide them with all the necessary tools to make their way through it. Being an online trader, I would like to know about a broker’s site in-depth and also assess the assets that they are offering you to trade with. Although Green Tower Investments offers amazing customer care, live chat and call options but I still feel they have to get one step ahead of this. A detailed video lecture about the website or the ways of trading will help new traders a lot. This will also help captivate the interest of potential new clients. 

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Concluding Comments

To conclude this review, I would like to make it clear that I am a satisfied customer of Green Tower Investments but my review is all dependent on my personal experience and observations. I have had a good journey with them as they took me up the success ladder to where I am today. For someone like me, who is a beginner in online trading, it’s a good option to invest your money with this broker. But their server still has room for improvements and they also need to update their site from time to time in order to make it more convenient for traders. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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