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Trade is one of the simplest yet complicated professions in the world. It is simple in the sense that virtually anyone can do it. It is complex in the sense that the conventional trading system makes it almost impossible for new traders to start from scratch. The conventional trading system is the embodiment of a system that has served its purpose for its time and has made way for a new system to be introduced and replaced. Currently, we are in the transition period where the old trading system is being replaced with the new and improved system that uses the same basic principles as the internet for its functionality. 

I was a new trader not that long ago when I had to choose which system I should specialize in given that at the time both conventional and online trading platforms and firms were a choice and they still are now. I went for the online trading system since it represents the future of trade whereas the traditional system is only allowed to exist due to the transition period. Now when I did decide on my system choice, I was met with a blunder. There aren’t exactly a lot of detailed reviews regarding online trading platforms because this is a relatively new industry and the review articles that do exist often leave out crucial details that are essential for their correct descriptions. 

I tried and tested dozens of trading platforms that were verified by the industry regulators. It wasn’t easy isolating a couple of choices from hundreds of options available on every search result. I had to come up with my plan to differentiate between the pros and cons of each platform I tested and come up with a suitable platform that gave me everything I needed and much more. After rigorous testing, I deduced that London Gates would be the perfect trading platform for not just my business but for traders of all experience ranges. I found that my choice was not just the best option for professional traders but also beginners as well because I too was a beginner when I started on this platform.

Is tool diversification a necessity?

You’d think that trade would require maybe one or two tools to function and that is true to some extent. Traditional trading systems had a consistent routine across the industry but the online trading system is more welcoming which means that there are a lot of new traders who have yet to learn about trading in the open market. Normally, professional traders can get by with minimum tool options and many online trading platforms only offer the bare minimum to qualify as suitable platforms for beginners. However, when I started using London Gates I realized that having extra tools to help beginners adjust to the trade industry should be a must. 

I assure you I am a full-time trader today because I was able to pick up quickly on the techniques required for learning the art of trade. I never would have been able to reach such a high standard without the London Gates trading tools. They do cater to beginners by actually putting in the effort of providing the tools necessary. There are still some tools that I would like to see accessible for beginners on London Gates to further the beginner-friendly agenda they have opted for. It is a start but the platform is on the right track. It just needs to pick up the pace.

Does the user experience matter if the services are amazing?

There is no doubt that London Gates is indeed a phenomenal trading platform. Its tools and services have not only withstood the test of time but have evolved along with the technology they are based on. London Gates has an amazing service routine that I haven’t seen on any other platform. Although reviews are scarce when it comes to online trading platforms, I have read some regarding London Gates that says to decrease the cost by driving the user experience budget down. 

Now here is the deal. The perception that only services matter is a hoax. There are many platforms out there that I tested that had comparable services to this platform but the one thing they were missing was a usable interface and the price difference was unnoticeable. London Gates’ user interface paired with its services is what makes the user experience so much more ravishing. It makes everything easy to use while ensuring that users learn to deal with the increased complexity of more professional trading tasks. 

The platform is like a teaching and practising site for me. I not only made trading bids on this platform on small assets as a beginner but as I increased my risk level I improved my skills and learned from it. It showed me how important the user experience is for beginners and professionals alike. There are a lot of sectors that have room for improvement but I can’t argue with the amenities that are already available to users on this platform.

Is basic security enough for a trading platform?

Security is probably one of the most important features of any online site. It ensures that there is zero chance of any unauthorised access to the site. However, the scale of security is mostly dependent upon the type of site. A regular blog wouldn’t have as high security as an online banking system. Trading platforms essentially handle hundreds of millions of dollars in tradable assets that belong to a wide range of users from different regions so it would be correct to assume that a trading platform must have something a little higher than basic security. 

I gave this section a lot of thought mostly because there are trading platforms that compromise on their security systems to drive down their cost. Again the price difference is not as significant and while it may seem like a good deal to get the low cost one, I can assure you it is not. Remember I have tested a lot of platforms and some had different stances on security however, I found that London Gates actually took the security of their users seriously and even had a separate encryption protocol for its users to ensure that no third party would be able to access user data with the permission of the user. 

I normally don’t fuss about details that are mostly handled at the back end but it does make a difference. The difference is that you can have a platform that guards your data may or may not keep your data safe or you can have London Gates and never worry about a thing. I for one have had an excellent experience with the security system at London Gates.

How many assets are too many assets for a trader?

Assets are undoubtedly crucial to a trading platform. Their numbers are what indicates a trustworthy trading platform because not all brokers trust a lot of online trading platforms but the fact that London Gates has almost 200 verified assets in its catalogue is saying something. It shows how much the community of the markets has faith in London Gates not just as a suitable trading platform but also as a trustworthy asset hosting centre. London Gates comes with assets such as Forex and indices which I must say I have taken advantage of over the length of my trading career. Other assets also include currencies and commodities. I have also dabbled in company stocks which have served me well when I need a quick payoff. 

One of the best assets that I have mastered over time has been the cryptocurrency catalogue kept by the trading platform. Even though Crypto has been known to be unstable, the fact remains that it is the future of the world’s financial system and trading with crypto is most probably the best thing a trader can do at the moment. I was surprised to see that London Gates offered crypto as a tradable asset in its catalogue since a lot of platforms don’t even mention it. Although I do wish they allowed more crypto collections into the catalogue so that users can choose which cryptocurrency they want to trade with.

Summing it all up

London Gates is an amazing platform that has a lot of potential to expand beyond its horizons once the conventional trading system is removed from the open market. I have been using this platform ever since I signed up so yeah I am more than satisfied with the experience I have had using it. No platform is perfect but for me, London Gates sure tried hard to be the most suitable platform for all its users. 

At the end of the day, I am happy with my choice of sticking to the online trading system and London Gates helped me propel myself into victory by helping me out at every step of the way.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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