How Phobia Treatment Therapy Helps

Treatment of Phobias

There are a lot of kinds of phobias that people experience, it also comes in different levels of severity. Some people‚Äôs lives are affected due to their phobias and to be able to improve they need professional intervention. Phobia treatment psychology has been created to be able to address issues about phobia and many other methods were developed by psychiatrists and professionals who specialize in mental development. For each phobia, several approaches are used. Phobias are to be addressed with different approaches and only professionals can be able to determine which one is the   treatment therapy for your phobia. Here are some methods used to conquer your fears before it can get in the way. 

Best Treatment for Phobias

Social Phobia Treatment

Social phobia refers to the phobia when you are afraid to get in a social situation that can lead to embarrassment or humiliation or fear of being judged. When this interferes with your daily life then you need to seek professional help. As a solution for this issue Social phobia treatment is used. Therapist would evaluate the source of your social phobia and determine which certain treatment is recommended for you.   is usually used in social phobia, in this method patients are trained to recognize and change negative thoughts about themselves, so they can develop skills that can increase their confidence in attending social gatherings or simply being with people without getting intimidated. 

Specific Phobia Treatment

Phobias are commonly treated using two common ways of treatment which is exposure therapy and Cognitive behavioral therapy. These two methods have been proven effective by evidence based situations. 

CBT for Phobias

Phobias are sometimes based on beliefs and body sensations. In cognitive behavioral therapy for phobias, your therapist will teach you alternative ways to shift your beliefs and body sensations to overcome your phobia and change the way it can impact your life. You are taught  to master and be confident with your thoughts and feelings rather than being overwhelmed by them. 

Exposure  Therapy

Phobias on things that you can touch and see can be addressed by exposure therapy. Getting exposed to your phobias can help you overcome them eventually. During your therapy they will expose you to the things that you fear little by little to train your thoughts and emotions to get used to that thing as a normal thing you can encounter in your daily life. For instance patients who are afraid of elevators will be asked to ride one floor up in the first try then on the second it will escalate to two floors, until he can finally ride several floors of the elevator without getting extremely scared. CBT for specific phobia has been working for years for people who have tried it and it can work for you too. 

Behavioural Treatments for Phobias

In this method there are two possible systems that can be used to treat phobia; it is called Systematic desensitisation and Flooding. 

  • Systematic desensitisation

In this method the process would be shifting the patient’s maladaptive response to a new adaptive response. The therapist will train you to balance your emotion because it is impossible for a person to feel two opposite emotions. They will also associate the object you fear to relaxation instead of anxiety. 

  • Flooding 

In this method the patients are exposed to their phobias for nine hours straight, so they can finally fear less upon each exposure.  For this type of therapy patients should be able to stand their fear and still continue with the session until it is officially finished. 
The best treatments for phobias are offered by professionals to assist patients with their phobias. Phobias that affect daily life of a person in a negative way need professional intervention and should not wait for it to get out of control. Dr. Tory Tomassetti provides an intensive one-session treatment of specific phobias, he can help you overcome your fears and be able to start a new life without being held back by your phobias. Phobias can damage your confidence and your social interactions, overcoming them can be the best solution to end all your worries and instead live a normal life. Get that phobia treatment therapy now and know the feeling of not fearing anything.

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