How to crack a good domain name?

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When people go to a website, the first thing they see is the domain name. So, it should be unique and easy to remember to get people to come back. A good domain name can leave visitors with a lasting impression and give them an idea of what the website is about. Also, a domain that is short and to the point can make it easy for people to find the site and come back to it.

Another thing to think about is choosing words that are relevant to your business niche and will attract the right customers.

On the other hand, a bad domain name might make a bad first impression and make people leave your site. To build a brand or business, it’s important to know how to choose a domain name. But since millions have already been registered, it can be hard to find the best domain for your website. There are a few rules you can follow to help you choose the right domain name and make your website stand out.

In this article, we’ll talk about eight ways to find the right domain and four key things you should avoid. We will also talk about some things to think about when choosing the best domain provider.

1. Choose a TLD (.com, .org, .net)

Statista,.org, as the most common generic TLDs. These are well-known, trusted extensions.

Common uses: Businesses use it. and are examples. Nonprofits use it. is a network. This TLD used to designate networking technologies, but now it’s utilised for any business.

The most popular TLDs—.com,.org,—are safe bets. These domain extensions can boost CTR by improving website perception.

2. Simplify Spelling

Word-of-mouth marketing requires a simple domain name. Thus, potential customers can easily share the website address. Many companies use four-letter combinations to make their domains memorable and valuable aftermarket. or are easy-to-remember two-word phrases.

3. Target Keywords

Keywords help visitors find and understand your website. Keyword-rich domains partially match search queries, helping search engines rank pages. Your website’s niche-specific keywords should sound natural. For an online clothing store, use “fashion” or “style” in the domain name. Instead, add “blog” or “journal” to your blog domain name.

Google’s Keyword Planner helps webmasters find the right keywords. This free tool finds business-related phrases, estimates search volume, and provides performance insights.

4. Brand It

Creative, catchy domain names are brandable. They can boost website traffic and visibility. It may be a word combination or meaningless. Take Google, YouTube, and Uber. The most brandable domain names were these meaningless phrases. To make sure your domain name attracts your target audience, research your competitors. Avoid copyright issues by not using trademarked or domain names.

Brandable domain name tips:

  • Create catchy words that reflect the website’s value and purpose.
  • Find engaging phrases for your website’s branding.
  • Domain name generators help brainstorm and find keywords.

5. Shorten Domain Name

Domain names should be concise. Shorter domains are easier to type and improve user experience, making them more memorable. Keep it under three words or 15 characters. Long URLs can seem confusing or even suspicious. It may also make visitors forget the domain and make typos, reducing web traffic.


Here is hoping that you have enjoyed reading this article and are now aware of how to crack a good domain name. If you are into it as we can see, go ahead with your domain name registration if you haven’t with a reliable facilitator. Your job will be done much easier. 

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