Improve Your Online Marketing Results With Content Marketing

How to Improve Digital Marketing Results With Visual Content

Would you prefer to attract client inquiries and leads, rather than having to go chasing after them? Realistically we all would. So the easiest way to achieve this is to get involved with content marketing in New Orleans.

What is content marketing?

It is where you use newsletters, blogs, articles (like this one), podcasts or webinars, etc., to deliver valuable information that is useful to and so gains prospective clients’ attention. The objective is to position yourself as an expert in your field over some time to thousands of prospective clients.

Content marketing is beneficial, it costs very little, and the results can be excellent. Moreover, the results get better and better over time as your audience and influence increases.

When I talk about content marketing, I’m always asked the same questions:

  1. How much free information should I give away?
  2. What information should I give away?
  3. Should I give a taster of the information or give chapter and verse?

How much information should you give away?

The answer is simple. Give away as much as you can because the more you give, the more potential customers will regard you as an expert, as the “go-to guy.”

Over some time, you will create masses of goodwill among your target audience and an image of expertise. So when any of your prospects need the services you offer, they already have a resource who they’re positively disposed to and who they trust.

What information should you give away?

Again the answer is simple. Give away any information that will be useful to and of value to your audience. We’ve all got masses of specialist details – don’t keep it to yourself – share it with others.

Every week I email my database with marketing information, which I believe is of value. I tell my list what marketing to do and how to do it, and lots of people tell me they find it informative and helpful.

My answer here is definitive no. Go into as much depth as you realistically can. This reminds me of in-flight magazines. They always have interesting-sounding articles, but they never go into enough detail – they gloss over the subject in an annoyingly superficial manner, leaving me irritated and frustrated.

Does this mean that people who might have become customers and do their marketing on the strength of their information?I can’t answer that one. On the one hand, I’d love to think that the information I give away is comprehensive enough that people use it as a marketing guide to doing their marketing. If they are of that “do it yourself” disposition, they will find the information elsewhere online. But either way, I’m not worried. The positive feedback I get massively outweighs the possibility that I might be missing out on a little bit of work here and there.

So if you like the idea of attracting clients rather than having to pursue them, start sharing your valuable and specialist information.

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