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RosewoodTrust was my first Forex trading Platform, I had a lot of bad experience with other platforms, because of the lack of education material, customer service and the terrible withdrawal time that took more than 5 days. I have been using RosewoodTrust for past 9 months, it has made it to my list of favourite Forex platforms. I have been using this platform for the past several months and it has never disappointed me with its customer service , education material and trading content that is being updated daily, by professional traders.

I am going to tell you my story below:

This will be a long review because I want to tell you my story about RosewoodTrust and how it has changed me, as a trader. The first time I heard of RosewoodTrust was in July 2015. I was clicking through different forex platforms trying to decide which one would work for me when the advertisement of rosewood trust came up on the side of my screen. Their platform was very different from the others, it had a clean and neat design. I decided to try out their account and see how everything works before going through with my trading account.

Might sound crazy but that is how most traders make decisions in regards to trading platforms, they don’t just pick one and start using it without knowing what they are in for.

The first thing that I liked about Rosewood was its customer service and how fast they were responding to my emails, so I decided to sign up an account with them. I have tried several Forex platforms before and I wasn’t sure what to expect from them, because I didn’t hear anyone talking about the platform. They had a very friendly support team, which was really great because it made me feel like I am not alone in trading.

I started off with a mini account, when I deposited my first amount of money.

The trading platform was really good , it had the standard chart types and order types that I was used to, which made me feel comfortable with my trades and orders.

But the most important thing that made me a loyal customer of RosewoodTrust was their withdrawal service. I have had to deal with several Forex platforms before and I can tell you that they all suck when it comes to withdrawals, but not RosewoodTrust.

It only took them less than a day to process my request ,and I didn’t even have to contact their customer service team because the withdrawal was processed automatically.

It only took them less than 24 hours to process my request and in the matter of minutes i had my money deposited back into my bank account. This is not something that happens with other platforms, so let’s just say I fell in love with Rosewood right away, I knew that this was the place where I am going to spend my trading career.

The only thing that I didn’t like about Rosewood was its lacking educational material, i would have liked more material for advanced traders , but that is just me wishing for more I guess.

Trading Platform:

The trading platform was very user friendly , I never felt lost or that there are things hidden from me and my eyes. I really loved how the order types were displayed on top of the chart without hiding anything from your view. They have a very clean and neat design that makes trading much easier. I liked how the placement of buttons was organized and easy to access, without any confusion. The chart itself is also impressive; it has different types of charts , from time frames to currency pairs, everything was displayed on one screen. And there wasn’t too much information on the screen that it would be overwhelming as well.

The orders can be placed with just one click of a button, which I really liked because I am not really big on placing manual-orders; except for stop loss and take profit orders.

I did like their different order types at first, but now that I have been using them for a while, I feel that they are lacking when it comes to more advanced orders that experienced traders use.

For example:

It would have been nice if there was an option for One Cancels the Other Order and Trailing Stop order. There weren’t any other special order types, but maybe later on in time they will add more into  their trading platform.

Customer Service:

I was really impressed with their customer service, they were so fast in responding to my emails; I would get replies within minutes most of the time, which made me feel like a valued customer.

They are very friendly and professional as well. I have never had any problems when it came to withdrawals, they were processed and deposited almost instantly ,it literally took a day for them to process my withdrawal request, which is really impressive.

I am not used of such fast processing from other Forex trading platforms. So I was very happy with their service. They have also a live chat option in case you need help or want to ask something , but I have never used it.

They also have a phone support option, which makes me feel safe when it comes to withdrawing my money from their platform; because you can hear the voice of a person and not just read texts. I would really liked contacting their customer service team , they are really fast in responding and very helpful as well. I really liked the fact that I could see their agents working in real time and how fast they are in responding as well .

Education Material:

There weren’t a lot of educational material for me to learn more about Forex trading; but there were PDF’s on basic etiquettes and trading rules.

But if you want to learn more, you will have to read 3rd party educational material from other sites.

But this is not a very big problem for me , as I already had some knowledge about Forex trading before joining RosewoodTrust.

None the less, I am really impressed that they had PDF’s on basic etiquettes and trading rules; so new traders will have a basic idea on how Forex trading works before getting started.

But there was no eBook like “How to become a successful Forex trader” or anything else; I would have liked to see some more educational material as well , but maybe they will add something later on in time.

I am not asking for too much, just some more material for the beginners to learn from.

One thing that I am really impressed with is that their educational material was intended for all traders , so they are inclusive of everyone who wants to learn Forex trading no matter what language they speak. They have a good variety of charts and time frames; which is suitable for any type of trader, like day traders, swing traders or position traders.

And the trading platform was really easy to learn and use; without any confusion at all.

Theme and Layout:

I am very picky when it comes to themes and layouts. The theme is not too bright, so my eyes don’t hurt when I work on it for longer periods of time; which is perfect for night-trading sessions. It also does not make me feel tired after working on it; instead it makes me feel motivated and get in the right mood for trading.

They have a really nice layout and I like it , but you will need to get used to it first .

But this is not that big of a problem because once you get used to working with their layout , anyone can work on any other platform as well .

I also liked the fact that they have cool charts in their trading platform; which makes it easier to read and understand the market. They have a good amount of assets , although not as many as some other Forex trading platforms , but they are still enough to make you feel satisfied .


There are a good amount of assets to trade with; like Gold, Oil, USD/JPY , EUR/USD etc.

I really liked the fact that they have Pairs and CFD’s as well , this is great because you will be able to choose between different options when it comes to depositing your money on the trading platform . They have a good variety of assets to trade with ; but I will give them extra points because they have Pairs and CFD’s , which is great for the beginning traders.

Next, I would like to show you some of my favourite assets from their trading platform:

You can see that I am long on EUR/USD , and short on GBP/USD . Also, you can see that I have some open positions in Oil as well.

So overall , they have a good amount of assets to trade with and I am really glad about this.


I really liked this forex broker , but there were a few downsides that I would like to talk about. The market execution was really fast and they got my orders filled in around 1 second or less. The market execution was really fast and they got my orders filled in a matter of seconds. This is great because I do not like to wait for my trades to be executed , so this was perfect for me. But again, you may have some problems if your internet connection is bad ; but it should not be that big of an issue if you have a decent internet connection.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.

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