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Top 10 Most Electrifying Live Bands of All Time - YouTube

Good shows aren’t always possible at music live performances. Many performers don’t get as much stage time as they’re used to, and they’re expected to perform in front of crowds that aren’t even there to see them. Nonetheless, several performers rise to the occasion and produce moments that reverberate long after the audience has dispersed. There are some remarkable live acts that we can’t help but list because of the uniqueness and people’s choices which you can check for on Amon Avis

The Muse

The only band to fly a spaceship over their concerts, a modern one with an eye for the surreal, whose shows are never anything short of amazing, is at the top of the list. Muse had to be the culprit! Why not read more on Live booker?

The Strokes

They are a band from New York City. The fact that The Strokes are ranked second in the poll shows New Yorkers’ never-ending supply of cool. The more bored they seem to be, the more we enjoy it.

The monarchy

Queen emerged as the real winners at 1985’s Live Aid, keeping the entire Wembley stadium – and a worldwide television audience – in their palms. Freddie Mercury was born to sing, and only a few singers have been blessed with such charisma and strength. The assassins are known as the Hunters. The Killers soon began writing songs to thrill stadiums after their debut album, ‘Hot Fuss,’ took the world by storm in 2004. What’s the result? One of the most volatile live bands on the scene.

The White Stripes

The White Stripes may be gone, but we’ll never forget them for their striking visuals, creative melodies, and the sight of one man playing enough notes for four.

The Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys performances are still thrilling, even though they are from the same no-nonsense school of excellence as Oasis. It’s no surprise that Danny Boyle snatched them up for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

Jimi Hendrix

Jim is one of the most famous rock pictures of Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar onstage at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. His performances were erratic, improvised, and outlandish. It’s no joke he’s at the top of this run-down Radiohead. They’re the only band that can make dystopian Glastonbury circumstances sound like a positive thing (for the atmosphere). Again, they’re the only band that can keep thousands of people in rapt attention, and if you’re lucky, you could even see Thom Yorke perform his signature dance.

David Bowie

He is a British musician who is best known for his work with David Bowie. From the crazy costumes of Ziggy Stardust to the elaborate stadium trickery of 1987’s Glass Spider tour, Bowie could still be counted on to add a touch of theatre to his live shows, even though he didn’t tour for 12 years before his death earlier this year. Whether it’s during the Thin White Duke era or the Ziggy Stardust era, Renaissance man David Bowie always puts on a display.

AC/DC (alternating current/direct current)

They arrive on stage on a train, the band includes a hyperactive, elderly schoolboy, and they, of course, perform ‘Back In Black.’ You don’t like live music if you don’t like an AC/DC presentation.

The Rolling Stones

They are a punk band from the United Kingdom. They’re the band whose guitarist was electrocuted on stage, whose free show at Altamont turned into the riot that killed the 1960s, and whose recent performances show that age isn’t just a number. They had to be on the list, right? Of course.

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