Tons Of Reviewers Love These 45 Cheap Home Improvement Products Because They Quickly Make A Huge Impact

These home improvement products aren’t things that will force you to spend an entire weekend fixing or redoing something, but they will make your home more comfortable, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, tons of Amazon reviewers love these 45 cheap home improvement products because they quickly make such a huge difference. So, if you’re scared of overwhelming home projects, these products are the way to go.

If you’re looking for the quickest way to upgrade your dwelling, grab the surge protector or the velvet hangers on this list. The surge protector plugs right into your wall outlet — you don’t need to make room for extension cords or unscrew your outlet cover. It has a clever shelf for your charging items and a nightlight that give you a quick-home improvement feeling. Oh, and those velvet hangers simply take as long as you take to re-hang all of your clothes, and they’ll keep even your silkiest, slinkiest tops from falling in the closet.

I promise, the other budget-friendly products are still super quick. Plus, so many of them let you avoid measuring things. Like the wooden bookshelf that will definitely fit on your desk because you can stack it in four different ways. Or even the wall-mounted toothbrush holder that you can hang anywhere.

Trust me — you’ll actually have time to install and use these cheap home improvement products, and you’ll be so glad that you did.

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These Drawer Dividers To Match & Organize Your Dresser

These bamboo drawer dividers come in three neutral colors to perfectly go with your existing furniture. With a matching color, these expandable dividers will look like you splurged on an expensive dresser with built-in organization. They’ll stay secure with the spring design and rubber pads on each end, which also help to protect your dresser. These water-resistant dividers will help keep your dress shirts separated from your T-shirts and look so chic while doing so.

One reviewer raved: “These drawer dividers are great! They fit perfectly into the drawer (they are adjustable) and they match the wood so they look built in. They are sturdy and well made, highly recommended.”


A 4-Pack Of Adhesive Lights That You Can Control & Dim With A Remote

These adhesive lights can add a little extra illumination in any space, whether you want to highlight something or brighten up a shadowy area. These touch lights work equally well on your bookshelf, under your kitchen cabinets, or in the closet. You can use the remote to dim them for a seriously luxe lighting situation or set timers, which makes these especially handy.

One reviewer raved: “These were super easy to install – adhesive included or screw in if you’d like.I love that you can adjust brightness. My husband likes them at 50%. We like the timer option, too. And it was important to me to be able to turn them on by touch if the remotes walked off.”


A Memory Foam Bathmat That You Can Wash & Dry Easily

This memory foam bath mat dries super quickly, but you’re going to want to refresh it at some point. Thankfully, you can easily clean it in your washing machine and dry it in the dryer whenever you want. This bathmat can work in any bathroom because it comes in 27 colors and eight sizes, and you know folks love it because it has over 41,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

One reviewer raved: “This was a repeat purchase of this item for me–for my second bathroom. I love the quality of these mats. They’re very absorbent, cushy on my feet and don’t slide around on the floor. They’re easily washed i and dried and right back on the floor.”


These Cord Boxes That Could Double As A Desk Shelf

Cram all of your cords and surge protectors in this set of organizer boxes. You get three sizes, so you could even fit one on on your desk to conceal your power strip and all of the messy plugs that go into it. These dust proof boxes easily double as a desk shelf to display your little succulent. You’ll also get multiple accessories if you actually want to organize the cords inside.

One reviewer raved: “I ended up buying multiple sets in different colors to match the rooms because they are so helpful! They are sturdy enough to store equipment on top, and really help keep everything tidy. I like the minimal look with no logo visible.”


These Sturdy Floating Shelves To Show Off Your Plants & Pictures

You won’t have to worry about your tchotchkes, pictures, or plant baby being too close to the edge with these U-shaped floating shelves. These minimalistic shelves are 4 inches deep, which is plenty of space for displaying your favorite small keepsakes. These laminate shelves are also lightweight enough to play around with how they’re set up. You could even flip one or two upside down for a unique look.

One reviewer raved: “I’ve bought these twice now and they are great. Easy to install (I had
to buy screws at the store for them but other than that) and they are very sturdy. I use them for plants and they look great! Might even buy a third set”


This Drywall Repair Tube That Fixes Holes In The Walls Fast

Holes in the walls are way less intimidating with this super easy tube of drywall repair putty. So, go ahead and attempt to hang that photo, mess up, and simply fix the hole. Simply squeeze this tube, and you’re almost done patching the hole. After that, this anti-shrinking and anti-cracking product only needs a little wipe with your hand.

One reviewer raved: “This is a good product for repairing nail holes of any size. I use the product as directed and painted over and there is no trace of nail holes on wall, where curtain rods were used, etc. I will buy again and keep on hand for my next move.”


These Airtight Food Containers That Look So Good In Your Pantry

This pack of food storage containers is an easy way to get all of your snacks, dried beans, bags of rice, and other dry goods nice and organized. They’re airtight and leak-proof, which will also help keep your food fresher for longer than simply storing your stuff in the bags they came in. You also get chalkboard labels to really keep everything cohesive.

One reviewer raved: “The organizers worked great. No more loose packages or cardboard boxes in my cabinets. The chalkboard labels are large enough to label what is inside and also include expiration dates. I am very satisfied with my purchase.”


This Grout Pen Set That Lasts Way Longer

This grout restoration kit has everything you need — and more — to keep your tiles looking fresh and clean. This five-piece set has a foldable grout brush to scrub away any scum as well as two grout pens to replace stained surfaces that are beyond a simple clean. Unlike other grout pens, this set coms with two replacement nibs so your lines stay crisp and clean.

One reviewer raved: “The tip last a long time and there are replacements included. I switched the tip about halfway through using the entire pen. The color is bright and clean, yet natural and a perfect fit. It is full coverage and so satisfying to use. With one box (which is 2 pens and 2 replacement tips) I was able to do my entire kitchen, living room, and entrance hallway.”


This Easy-To-Install & Use Doorbell That’s Totally OK Outside

Yes — this stick-on doorbell is totally OK outside on your front door, even in the rain, because it’s weather resistant. With its LED light, it looks like a more expensive and modern doorbell, but the sub-$20 price tag makes it a budget-friendly buy. This far-reaching doorbell can work with a receiver up to 1,000 feet away, and it can feel more customized and chic with the 58 chimes.

One reviewer raved: “Doorbell is the perfect size and is unobtrusive on our wrought iron gate. Bought it in black to match the gate. Tone is better than other doorbells I have had.”


These Matching Spice Jars That Come With An Organizer Rack

Instead of ordering matching spice jars and figuring out a place to put them, this spice jar set comes with the organizer you need. You get 36 glass jars with lids that fit perfectly on the tiered metal rack, helping to make your kitchen organized and looking so modern. If there’s a unique spice you love but can never find a label for it, this set comes with 396 labels, including blank ones.

One reviewer raved: “Thank you to the other Amazon review that showed hers in the cabinet and gave me the idea lol. Its so nice to have everything alphabetized and I am so glad they made the labels proper by putting mustard ground instead of ground mustard. Now everything is properly alphabetized by the spice itself, not by its form (ground, minced, etc.)”


This Hanging Organizer That Adds Shelves & Drawers To Your Closet

The drawers on this hanging closet organizer are totally functional and have handles that you can easily pull out without tugging the organizer off of your closet rack. How? There are two hangers on top to keep this sturdy organizer level as it stores pants, hats, towels, and other hard-to-hang items. You can also rearrange the five drawers into most of the durable and reinforced shelves to make this nine-shelf system work for you.

One reviewer raved: “I have two of them one in my closet and the other in the hall closet close to the bath. It is very sturdy and a great buy and the price can’t be beat.I recommend this product highly.”


A Lawn Sprinkler That Can Cover 3,600 Square Feet On Its Own

This is the sprinkler to grab if you don’t want your yard to look cluttered with sprinklers. You won’t have to buy as many because this durable spinning one sprays up to 32.8 feet away with the right water pressure, and it can rotate 360 degrees for a thorough lawn watering. It also has a stable base that’s still low-profile and matches your grass.

One reviewer raved: “Covers a large area, especially if you wanna turn the arms slightly to adapt the spray to a wider diameter… but mostly, I neve
r need to. Really great invention!”


This Touchless Trashcan That Makes Bathroom Trash Way Less Gross

This touchless trashcan will allow you to toss away our trash hands-free, because it automatically opens with a motion sensor. This is perfect if you’ve already washed your hands but need to throw a tissue away in the bathroom. This super clean 3 gallon trashcan also comes in eight unique colors, like yellow and rose, which also makes it a great bedroom option.

One reviewer raved: “The size is as described and that was very important to me as the space where I needed it to go is quite narrow for a common size bathroom trash can. Plus the motion sensor is excellent for neatness. Highly recommend to those looking for a small and convenient motion sensor trash bin.”


These Soft Bamboo & Microfiber Sheets That Come In Unique Colors

This bamboo and microfiber sheet set comes in 12 unique colors that will actually match your bedding, including classic white and gray as well as fun options like gold and burgundy for a royal feel. They also have deep pockets, so there’s no need to worry about them slipping off your mattress. The bamboo blend fabric is extra-durable and stain-resistant while also being so, so soft.

One reviewer raved: “They are by far the softest most comfortable sheets I have every purchased at any price. They do not stain, I have had to wash them twice. They have deep pockets and they do not wrinkle. These would make great gifts as well. I will never buy another brand.”


A Set Of 4 Closet Shelf Dividers That Look More Minimalist

These slide-on wire shelf dividers look super minimalist on your wooden closet shelf. The alloy steel wire is thin enough to disappear between your neat stacks of clothes and bags, but it’s durable enough to stay put. Yep, they’re complete with support bars on the top and bottom, so they won’t tilt and ruin your sweater stack.

One reviewer raved: “These helped our closet look more organized. We used them for sweatshirts and sweatpants and the piles stand up nice and neat making it easier to find what we’re looking for.”


A Wrinkle-Proof Table Cloth That’s Resistant To Spills

This water-resistant tablecloth has a linen look but is made with a durable polyester blend fabric that’s stain-resistant. Though it’s soft and smooth, this table cloth is a good choice if you’re setting the table with steak knives, because it can prevent scratches on your table. Choose from 15 colors, including simple plaids, and seven sizes to make this tablecloth suit your dining area exactly.

One reviewer raved: “This is the second one I ordered. Doesn’t absorb stains and washes beautifully. Highly recommended. Also looks beautiful on the table.”


A Sturdy Adhesive Shower Caddy With A 4.8-Star Rating

This adhesive shower caddy has four hooks on the front that slide and move, so you can easily fit even the fluffiest, most luxurious loofa. This rust-resistant caddy also holds up to 20 pounds in its basket for all your hair and body products, and it adheres to your wall with ease — no slipping suction cups here. It’s no wonder this simple bathtub solution has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon and over 24,000 five-star reviews.

One reviewer raved: “It works without a doubt! I first put it in a spot that wasn’t right and removed the sticky part not like the directions had said… However after putting it up for the second time, it still is super strong!!! Also super cute!”


These Floating House Numbers To Update Your Curb Appeal

Instead of replacing your front door or siding, grab these floating house numbers for a quick outside upgrade. These sleek, modern black numbers will instantly give your door or siding an upgraded look. They’re also rust-resistant, so they won’t get tarnished like your older outdated numbers. Plus, they come with the hardware you need for that modern shadow-effect.

One reviewer raved: “I love the look of these and it is a really great price. They were really easy to install and such a better modern look for the house but also easier to see from the street”


A Dresser Organizer That Actually Has So Many Uses

These dresser organizers are always helpful for underwear drawer, but you can actually use them in your vanity, closet, and so many other spots. The pack comes with four different boxes, all with different compartment shapes and sizes. Basically — these non-woven fabric organizers will fit your bras, scarfs, and panties but also reusable makeup clothes, skincare products, and lotions. You can also fold up any extra organizers until you find a use for them.

One reviewer raved: “I got this for drawer organizing underwear, I use 3 of them for underwear as they are spacious. The fourth I use in the bathroom. I highly recommend getting this if you like things organized.”


A Pot Organizer That You Can Easily Adjust To Fit Whatever, Wherever

This non-slip pot organizer comes in black, gray, or bronze to match your pans (or even your kitchen appliances). You can neatly stack up your cookware vertically or sideways, and keep this on your counter or in the cabinets. You can easily change up the height to fit in your cabinet and adjust all of the sections to fit your pots exactly, all without any extra hardware.

One reviewer raved: “No screws, no nails, no pots crashing together..It’s awesome! It’s sturdy, takes literally a few minutes to assemble and there’s literally no struggle to get what you need, quick.”


These Sleek Cabinet Pulls For A Zero-Painting Upgrade That’s So Modern

You could paint your cabinets a modern color before installing these cabinet pulls, but honestly, these handles will make your cabinets modern all on their own because they come in trendy yet timeless colors like brushed brass, matte black, and satin nickel. With 30 in a pack, you could easily pay for one budget-friendly pack and redo your kitchen and bathroom in an afternoon.

One reviewer raved: “I love everything about my new cabinet handles. Easy to install and enhanced the look of my cabinets in my kitchen and bathroom. Easy grip when opening the cabinet doors and just feel very sleek and trendy.”


A Set Of Jars That Work Next To Your Bathroom Sink Or In Your Kitchen

These bathroom apothecary jars are rust-proof and so sleek, which makes them ideal for holding your cotton balls and cotton swabs. Though these are quite cheap, these apothecary jars are made from premium materials like glass and steel. Though they come with labels for the restroom, you can also use these in your kitchen or at a coffee bar to hold sweeteners.

One reviewer raved: “I’m in LOVE with these. I’m tempted to buy them for other little things around the house. I am glad that I have such a cute and simple containers to place by cotton pads and Q-Tips. No longer have a tacky bathroom with a big ol box of Q-tips and the package of cotton pads just laying around. Perfect for any bathroom and they are small enough to keep by the sink and not get in the way or make the counter look cluttered.”


This In Drawer Block That’s A Way Better Spot For Your Kitchen Knives

Tuck this in-drawer bamboo knife block next to your favorite utensil organizer. It makes way more sense to have up to 14 of your kitchen knives next to your other utensils, instead of on your counter, where they just take up valuable space. This waterproof block also holds that bulky knife sharpener that never fits in your countertop knife block and holds six large knives and eight steak knives.

One reviewer raved: “I was tired of the knifeblock on the countertop! We were doing a slight update to our kitchen and I didn’t want the knives on the counters any longer. We reorganized and made a drawer available. This is a perfect fit! My husband made a couple of accommodations for our needs and it works perfectly! Well-made and worth the price.”


A Toothbrush Holder That Adds Tons Of Storage To Tiny Bathrooms

Grab this wall-mounted toothbrush holder instead of finding organizers for your bathroom drawers or crowding your counter with another jar. This organizer can hold up to four toothbrushes and keep them covered from germs and dust. This organizer also has a toothpaste holder that dispenses the perfect dollop, magnetic cups, a drawer, and a shelf on top to store other restroom odds and ends.

One reviewer raved: “I love this it keeps everything in it’s place and off of counter. Everything about it is great the the cups stay in place and it’s easy to install and stays put. I recommend anyone that is looking to get one.”


A Set Of 2 New Pillows With Cooling Gel Fibers

New bed pillows always feel like an improvement, but this set of pillows has unique gel fibers for an extra upgrade. This cooling material still feels like a plush down alternative — it just won’t bunch up. These pillows are also machine-washable and complete with a satiny cover. It may seem weird, but Amazon shoppers love these pillows, which have amassed over 132,000 five-star reviews.

One reviewer raved: “Yes, they are perfect! a definite upgrade from our store-bought pillows from last year. We have had them for weeks now and they hold and are comfy and cool just as described. I am thankful for this purchase and will be purchasing more in the future”


A Sturdy Coat Rack That Cleans Up Your Entryway

Sometimes jackets just end up on the entryway floor (or all the time), but this coat rack is an easy improvement. Don’t worry — setting up this tall and durable pinewood rack is super quick with the twist on pieces, and you can pile a lot onto the six sturdy pegs. If you don’t want it to be taller than your cute entryway mirror, you can easily make it shorter without the use of tools.

One reviewer raved: “Well, they arrived in 18 hours. Check! They took 5 minutes each to put
together. Check! I expected hollow plastic for the price, but they were solid and didn’t look TOO cheap in our really nice entryway. Check! Then, with 50+ guests coming and going, they managed to hold up to a LOT of coats and scarves and never once tipped over. Check!”


This Versatile Organizer That’s Easy To Use For Practically Anything

This versatile two-shelf organizer is easy to use, no matter where you put it. That’s because it has sliding drawers on both levels. This BPA-free plastic organizer also comes with dividers to keep your stuff extra organized, whether you’re storing cleaning supplies, food, or beauty products. There are even spots to label these dividers and each drawer.

One reviewer raved: “Got this for my fridge. My crisper drawers are packed with fruits and veggies. I have a lot of small things I sit out on my top shelf that can’t fit in my two drawers. This saved space and organized my life!”


This Shower Head That Turns Into A Power Washer For Your Tub

This handheld shower head is the one to go with in so many ways. The anti-clog nozzles have an anti-microbial coating to totally avoid getting gunky or gross, and it has eight different modes including massage, mist, and water saver. This handy shower head doubles as a cleaner, because it even comes with two spray settings for cleaning your tub.

One reviewer raved: “This thing is fantastic! I actually now have TOO much water pressure and have to adjust it down whereas with my old one I always had it set to full blast. I had forgotten how refreshing a good shower can be. Also, bonus! Washing my dog in the shower now takes my half as long as it used to. Can’t wait to use the jets on the back to clean and the extra long hose will make that much easier too.”


These Fridge Organizers That Make Finding Ingredients Easy

This refrigerator organizing pack comes with an egg and a can holder to free up space in your fridge, but it also comes with four versatile bins that are complete with carrying handles. Pack these BPA-free bins with ingredients for four of your weekly meals. Then pop the entire container on your counter while you cook. You can even put these bins in the freezer if you don’t make your recipe in time.

One reviewer raved: “I LOVE THESE BINS! I love that they come together as a set, and I mostly love how easy it is to clean and organize my refrigerator and make sure it’s beautiful, and all the food is used within the dates or before the expiration dates.”


These Sturdy Velvet Hangers That Come In 7 Trendy Colors

Upgrading your clothes hangers to these velvet hangers only takes a few minutes of re-hanging your clothes. This sturdy pack comes in seven colors, including blush, hot pink, gray, and more. In addition to looking so chic, the velvet grips your clothes without hurting them, so you can hand tank tops, silky dresses, and delicate items without worry.

One reviewer raved: “Two seconds after hanging something on these I aggressively tore out every single plastic hanger I had and set them on fire (in my mind) I even ordered a second box. They hold my super heavy coats, my husbands even heavier coats and everything in between. And not one single thing slipped off and fell on to the floor. Get yourself some of these hangers, you won’t regret it.”


This Surge Protector That Doubles As A Shelf & Nightlight

This compact surge protector gives you an automatic night light, a little shelf, six AC outlets, and two USB outlets. You can even pull a few of your cords through the holes in the shelf, and charge everything neatly on the shelf. The entire thing pops right into your wall outlet to possibly make it the quickest improvement on this list.

One reviewer raved: “Super sturdy. I thought it wouldn’t be, I was wrong. It is STURDY! Super easy to.slide the shelf on to the main component. Simpky connects into the wall socket. The screw holds it securely in the socket but you probably won’t even need it. I love how many ways I can plug in different electronics. Looks so professional! No long cords running to an outlet. Great product. I may purchase one or 2 more for office and to travel with”


A Stainless Steel Utensil Holder That Rotates 360 Degrees

This 7-inch wide rotating stainless steel utensil holder will actually last on your kitchen counter. It won’t crack like your ceramic one, and it won’t get smudges or fingerprints either. Also, unlike a ceramic option, you get a removable divider with three utensil sections and it rotates 360 degrees, so you can make this holder work exactly for your needs. You can even choose from seven colors to match your kitchen’s decor.

One reviewer raved: “This utensil holder is very sturdy, and the revolving base feature makes it a snap to retrieve the desired items. The size is perfect for our needs – it holds quite a few items without being overly bulky, which is important in our situation where counter space is very limited. The color is quite attractive (we chose mint green) and works well with our kitchen color scheme. Overall, we’re very satisfied with our purchase.”


An Easy-To-Install Screen Door That Closes With Magnets

Putting up this screen door doesn’t mean you have to grab a drill. It comes with multiple drill-free assembly options for the door frame out to your porch or balcony, including tacks and a hoop and loop backing. Plus, the slit in the middle of this heavy mesh door is equipped with 26 magnets, so you (or your pup) can move freely between inside and outside hands-free.

One reviewer raved: “Every since I moved into my apartment, I knew I needed a screen for my porch. I was nervous to order this product. However, this product was a dream to install. I used the Velcro strips to attach the screen to the doorway – allowing for easy removal later.”


A Body Wash Dispenser With A Hidden Loofah Hook

Somehow, this wall-mounted dispenser has a spot for your shampoo, body wash, and your loofah. The hidden loofa hook underneath can also hold onto your razor. This handy dispenser is totally waterproof — even the silicone adhesive. Plus, it can fit on the side or tucked in the corner of your shower.

One reviewer raved: “Having this dispenser in my small shower helps eliminate the clutter of individual shampoo and conditioner bottles sitting on the shower basin. & the little hanger for the razor is a nice little addition!”


This Wood Wallpaper That You Can Install Easily Over Dated Walls & Furniture

If you’re over your tile bathroom wall or kitchen island, grab this adhesive wood wallpaper. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your kitchen sink in front of your new backsplash or spilling a drink on your table. The light wood tone printed on this durable PVC paper goes with everything. Plus, it’s removable if you ever want to go back to retro tiles.

One reviewer raved: “I am absolutely in love. I was renovating my bathroom and as I took off 57yr old wallpaper I saw the damage underneath… I did not have the budget to put up new walls. So I decided to do an accent wall. I saw this and knew it would go great in my bathroom. I was right!”


A Hanging Shelf That’s Incredibly Functional & Sleek

This metal hanging shelf has so many uses, whether you opt to use it as a mail holder and key hook by your front door, a towel rack and lotion holder in the bathroom, or a little spice shelf in the kitchen. This pre-assembled shelf has a classic matte black finish and comes in two sizes, so it could work all over your home.

One reviewer raved: “We love this item. Installed so easy and we use it every time we walk out the door for keys and/or dog walking supplies. Makes every day easier and organized!”


This Hidden Toilet Plunger That Matches Your Bathroom

This quick-drying toilet plunger hides away in the durable metal container, and it will actually look nice in your bathroom. The aesthetic container has a matching lid and handle, which is way prettier than some grungy white plastic. This sleek plunger setup looks extra-clean also has little cutouts to keep everything dry.

One reviewer raved: “Bought three sets of both the plunger & toilet brush. Love them all. Handy and pretty at the same time.”


An Expandable Drawer Organizer That You’ll Want In Every Room

This 100% bamboo drawer organizer obviously looks nice in your kitchen drawer, and it has an expandable design that can fit your space’s exact dimensions from 13 to 20 inches. Its simple, functional design also makes this suited for your vanity, desk, or even your bedside drawer. Really, it works in any space that needs a little organization, and it’s waterproof if you want it for your kitchen or bathroom.

One reviewer raved: “This is a very nice, sturdy bamboo drawer organizer. The expandable feature is great and the variety of compartment sizes makes is very flexible for kitchen, office and bathroom organization. I highly recommend it and have ordered 4 more for our bathroom drawers.”


An Adjustable Bookshelf That Will Definitely Fit On Your Desk

This wooden bookshelf will definitely fit on your desk, because it’s totally customizable. Choose from black, white, brown, and retro white. Then, start stacking the shelves in four different ways to fit your needs and space. You can even assemble it to fit on a corner desk. It comes with the screws and screwdriver that you need to make it sturdy enough for all of your favorite desk plants and notebooks.

One reviewer raved: “Neat little plant stand for my office. Super easy to put together. I like having the option to change the shape of it.”


A Hand Towel Bar That Isn’t A Huge Project To Hang

You could totally add this hand towel bar to your kitchen and your bathrooms, and it won’t even be a huge project. It has Command strips on the b
ack of the sleek wall attachments. AKA — no flimsy suction cups, screws, or nails to ruin your walls, and it installs and is ready to use in minutes.

One reviewer raved: “I use these towel bars in the shower, under bathroom and kitchen sinks onside cabinet doors, on painted surfaces, tile, wood – they work everywhere and hold whatever I put on them. I’ve also pulled them off to move with us, and it works great. If you need a place to hang something small, this is the ticket. They also did not corrode at all in the shower and kept looking new.”


This Purse Organizer That Also Works For Towels & Blankets

Just trust me and hang one of these purse organizers in every closet. Sure, the eight transparent pockets can hold onto purses and keep them dust-free. But this organizer can also fit rolled-up throw blankets, beach towels, and more. Whatever you’re storing in these easy-to-access pockets, the entire organizer spins so you can grab it quickly.

One reviewer raved: “This is just perfect for storing all of my purses, handbags, and even a scrapbook and a few notebooks. Definitely could use another, but it’ll have to wait until I get a bigger closet!”


A Reversible, Cooling Comforter That’s Fluffy Yet Lightweight

This cooling comforter is filled with a down-alternative stuffing, and is thankfully reversible if you or your guests spill something on the bed, or if you just want to switch up your room’s decor. You also can machine-wash this extra fluffy comforter without worrying about ruining it thanks to the durable hems.

One reviewer raved: “Honestly, I love these comforters. I first bought one in navy/grey for my guest room and ended up using it a bit myself. It’s lightweight, super soft but not too hot.”


These Classic Knobs That Can Update A Dresser Or Cabinet In Minutes

This cabinet knob improvement is a timeless one and a great way to quickly update an older kitchen cabinet or bedroom dresser. They come with two different mounting screw sizes to work in most dressers. You can grab them in eight colors including classic silver tones and trendy brushed bronze.

One reviewer raved: “These cabinets knobs are perfect!!! they are just the right size, were easy to install and they look great. This is exactly what we were looking for.”


A Sponge Holder That Fits Perfectly In The Dishwasher

The little cutouts in this ceramic sponge holder are perfect for your favorite sponge but also for your dishwasher. When you’re ready to clean it, flip it upside down, and the grooves slide between the bars of your dishwasher rack. You can also choose from a sleek embossed pattern or a country chic option that says sponge on the front. It seems simple, but Amazon shoppers love this holder; it has a 4.8-star rating and over 4,500 reviews.

One reviewer raved: “This sponge holder is perfect for my needs. Fits perfectly on corner of kitchen sink without taking up too much space. Its the perfect size to hold one of those yellow sponges with green scrubber. Sturdy enough that it doesn’t bounce around and pretty. I would recommend.”


These Stainless Steel Yard Lights That Run On Solar Power

There are no worries about wires, rain, or even installation with these solar-powered yard lights. Pop them into the dirt with the durable spikes at the end, and you don’t even have to worry about wires or outdoor outlets to have a beautifully illuminated garden or walkway. Because they’re solar powered, these come on right at dusk — no timer needed.

One reviewer raved: “I bought the stainless steel, 15 lumens, set of six lights. Very impressed; came on time, nicely packaged. Appearance is a ten, they are sleek and attractive. Ease of assembly, larger than average size ground stakes makes placement easy. I put them out about four hours before dark, yet they came on at dusk and threw a beautiful blue tinged light that illuminated my pathway nicely.”

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