What Makes a Two Stone Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas Unique?

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An engagement ring is a very special item given to a woman by a man who wishes to spend the rest of his life with her. This is usually given by surprise and every woman wishes for this moment in their lives when their partners propose to them with that sparkling diamond ring. Men on the other hand make a lot of effort to get the right ring for the one they love. There are plenty of designs to choose from when it comes to getting an engagement ring, it makes it challenging for every man to get the perfect engagement ring. That’s why jewelers are giving it their best to make multiple designs to choose from to avoid making it difficult for their customers to choose. The two stone diamond engagement ring in Dallas is one of the recommended engagement rings. If you are from Dallas then this is for you. 

Characteristics of a Two Stone Diamond Engagement Ring 


Most diamond engagement rings only possess one diamond but the two stone diamond engagement ring contains two major stones on the ring and can even have smaller stones on its surrounding or upper side of its shank. This design is popular in the 21st century.

Different Styles 

Just like any other diamond engagement rings the two stone diamond engagement ring comes in different designs, shapes, and settings. Here are some of the models you can choose from and the good thing about this is they can also customize it for you. 

  • Classic Two Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

It’s similar to a solitaire engagement ring, it has a lain shank and without any accessory stones just the main two stone diamonds on the center crown. 

  • Multi-Stone & Two Stone Diamond Rings

This design shows two triangle shape diamonds on the crown with 5 smaller round diamonds between them. The setting for this kind of two stone diamond engagement ring is white gold. 

  • Bezel Setting Two Stone Diamond Rings

This design has two cut diamonds joined together to form a heart-shaped centerpiece. The shank is thick and plain and white gold is used as a setting. 

To help you further with your decision on which one is the best engagement ring to purchase. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has created a chart on how to qualify diamonds. They have created the GIA Scale to be able to measure the 4cs of diamonds. You can use this guide in order to know if your diamond is indeed a quality one. 

4 C’s for Two Stone Diamond Engagement Ring


Since there will be two major stones on your ring make sure they are of the same size and shape. Common cuts are rounds and triangles. However, you can also consider other shapes as long as your jeweler is a certified one they can cut diamonds perfectly. 


Carats can refer to the total of all the carats in your ring. For instance, you have two stones plus your accessory stones, add them all and this can be the total of the carat weight on your ring. Make sure that the measurement is the same as your two major stones.


The color will be your option, you can choose the same color or two different colors just make sure they complement the color of the setting you will be choosing. 


For the clarity of the diamonds, you can fit them within your budget. You can choose SI1-I2 for your diamonds as long as they are one grade of each other it will be a fine combination. 

Checking on the 4cs on the  Two Stone Diamond Engagement Ring you want to have will be a wise decision. Knowing what are the proper scales for your diamonds can give you a perfect finish product. Educating yourself on how to grade diamonds using the 4cs will help choose the perfect stones for your engagement ring. 

Don’t hesitate to check online stores and information about diamonds so you can get an idea of what you will be expecting for your ring. Don’t forget to consider the Two Stone Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas as one of your choices. Guides are given and the choice is still on you. 

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