Email Marketing Landing Page Tips to Increase Conversions

20 Easy Landing Page Design Tips to Boost Conversions

If you want to grab the attention of your customers you need to have an efficient email marketing strategy. You need to carefully craft an email subject line that immediately catches their eye for them to keep on reading the content next. Besides that, you will also need an optimized email marketing landing page so that they can be persuaded when they make their purchases. 

When you create the right email marketing strategy you will be able to see increased results because of content that is perfect for your customers and an email marketing landing page that focuses on conversion. Email marketing services are  also proven to deliver a high return on investment (ROI). 

When you do landing page optimization, you are practicing refining your design elements so that your business can improve on its performance. Here below are some email marketing landing page tips to increase conversions. 

How do Landing Pages Work?

First, a landing page on your website wherein you can offer a business resource that you trade for the contact info of a page’s visitor. The visitor’s contact info can be acquired using a lead-capture form in which the visitor writes their own details like their name, email address or phone number. 

The landing page functions as the center where a visitor fills out a form in order to get to your business’ offer. The main purpose of the landing page is for the visitors to know the benefits they can get when they want the offer so that it encourages the visitors for lead conversion. After visitors fill out the form, they are transferred or redirected to a ‘Thank You’ page

How can I improve my landing page conversion?

  1. Create a straightforward headline

The best way to improve your landing page conversion is for your headlines to be straightforward and bold. They should also be concise yet eye-catching. Visitors can also give a few seconds for their attention to be grabbed so your headline should be clean, yet simple. 

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  1. Images that are perfect

You should carefully select images that match perfectly with the right content, this is a recipe to create a successful conversion. The content is important however, when paired with the right images, visitors will bring out the necessary emotion so that they can make their decision that favors your business. 

Use the right images on parts of your landing page, starting from the big header image, to those within the body, so that the content will be effective and you get your message across.  

  1. A value proposition that stands out

A value proposition that stands out is attractive to visitors because their interest is peaked. When you make your value proposition you are letting customers know what you can offer and you should create in a way that looks appealing to them.

For example, if you are an online teaching service you should create a unique value proposition that is different from the rest so that potential candidates will be attracted to apply. Your landing page should contain words like “work from home”, “work on your time”, “flexible schedule”, “good money”, and so on so that your landing page will have an impact. 

How do I increase email conversion rate?

  1. Engaging subject line

To see an increase with your email conversion rate, start with writing an engaging subject line as how you write the subject line will largely influence visitors from clicking on it. 

The subject line should be written in a way that is intriguing yet is connected to the corresponding email, don’t write subject lines that are not related to the email just to get attention, customers want something truthful.

  1. Call to action

When your call to action is vague, visitors will be confused on what they should do, whether they should click to be directed to a landing page or want them to reply to the email. Create the wording well so that your call to action is clear for them to know exactly what to do. 

What is a good landing page conversion rate?

A great conversion rate on a landing page is around 2.35% however, the top 25% achievers in the industry have conversion rates at 5.31% or higher. If you want to have higher rates than that you should ideally have 11.45% rates or higher. 

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