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Greetings. I hope you’re doing well and are safe from the attacks of treacherous forex firms. These firms have made the lives of traders harsh to an extent that some of the young ones once quickly quit and go back home. This is something natural. These firms work without keeping into account how heartbreaking the consequences of their actions can be for someone. I have seen many traders give up on their passion only because fake firms weren’t ready to let them go. 

I have been trading for a long time now and I’ll be honest to you, I have been trapped by them multiple times. I can’t even count how many hard-earned dollars I have lost to them. A few years back they seemed like something like a huge loss but now I can say that my losses were large but they taught me a lot. All the lessons that decades of education cannot teach you. I am here to review my broker FinancialCentre and tell you all that I learnt at the cost of thousands of dollars.

Before FinancialCentre I had joined several firms and none of them was satisfactory enough. This was why I had to keep juggling between these and losing money. When I got to know about FinancialCentre, my cousin told me about several others. That was the time when I was fed up with being deceived. I had an idea I was also somehow responsible for these circumstances. My dad had always told me how the only tool traders can make use of to defeat these firms was research. But despite knowing, I wasn’t ready to put in all the effort before. 

After so much suffering, I was ready to carry out thorough research and see if any of the suggested platforms were actually worth it. Many people don’t believe me, but it took me a good one year to look into all the suggested names, check for important features, which were my touchpoints now, and be sure if the firm had the capability to fulfil my demands.  After a year-long research, I finally reached a point where I was ready to trust FinancialCentre with my money. In the process, I went to my seniors and juniors who were already using it, I referred to newspapers, read many reviews, visited the website, went through all the legal uploaded documents and also talked to the customer support representative a couple of times. I would suggest you all also do this all at least because now I have reached a point where I firmly believe that no amount of research is enough when it comes to picking the right forex firm. 

In fact, after putting in so much effort I started with the most basic account because I wanted to get an experience not how things work at the forum. You should also try doing it. This not only makes you well acquainted with the firm but also helps you closely observe. Once you are satisfied with the broker then they let you upgrade anytime. That’s what I did. I upgraded within two months of joining. Largely my experience with the firm has been great with small minor flaws that can be addressed easily. I will also point them out as we go on in a hope that they reach the administration and they work on them. 

I am hoping that by the end of this review, you will get an idea about the pros and cons of the firm and hence the decision-making process will be considerably easier. 

So let’s talk about the major aspects. 

  • Security (5/5)
  • Customer Support efficiency (4.8/5)
  • Overall website (4.5/5)
  • Education Literature (3.8/5)
  • Languages (3/5)
  • Multiple devices supported (5/5)

What makes me give security a 5/5?

I understand how in today’s time traders look into the security assets of the firm the most because of the ever-increasing prevalence of tricksters in the market. I was very sensitive about this aspect in particular because of my bitter past experiences. Whatever I heard about the security measures while researching proved to be right. I have never seen any customer complaining about compromised security. In fact, whenever some improvements are made the firm always informs us. If you go through the legal documents you’ll see how they have adopted a very clear and transparent approach. This is an indicator of the fact that the administration does not intend to keep their clients oblivious to the ground realities. A fake firm would always use non-specific terms and try to make the message as hard and vague as possible for the traders. 

Another major reason behind me giving it a five is the devotion of the company towards providing the customers with a safe working environment. This can be seen from the disclaimer at the bottom which clearly states the names of countries that are not being served at the moment. The list includes Cuba, Syria, Korea, etc. I was very curious to know why the company isn’t operational in these areas and I later found out that if the company serves traders in these jurisdictions then security threats for other users emerge. So to cut out any additional threats, the company has given up on a huge chunk of profits and this is something that I find highly commendable. 

Why does customer support get 4.8?

Okay, so customer support is another very important factor which has to be seen before. Customer support at the department has been great so far. I have been going back to them for all sorts of basic and complex problems and I have to say how I have never found them inefficient or ineffective. I remember how once I could not find out how to upgrade my account so I had a live chat with the representative who finally helped me figure out the way to upgrade to my desired account. This is something all traders would unanimously agree on that the support department is very well laid out and it is all about facilitating the customers. I like how they have introduced multiple options for us to get in contact such as Phone, Email, Form, and Live Chat. 

Although there are some minor problems which are the reason why I haven’t given it a 5. One of these few is that the representatives are not available 24/7 on the website. Both the phone and the chat time slots have been stated on the Contact Us page so you can schedule calls accordingly. Another thing is that there is no International number so you’ll have to rely on the rest of the options if you live in some specific countries. Otherwise, it’s a thumbs up! 

How’s the website overall? (4.5/5)

When I refer to the website overall, I don’t only talk about the theme and the look, in fact, I am also talking about the user-friendliness of the webpage and the overall user experience. I have to say it was great too. I like the website because of the catchy colour palette and the integrated graphics. It is eminent how the developers have put in all the effort to make the website as time saving and as user friendly as they could. If you open the website you’ll notice how its self-explanatory nature totally cuts down the need for any tutorial steps. The logo at the top of the page has links attached. All you need to do is click it and it will take you straight to the main landing page. Some traders want dark while others like the lighter backdrops so an option to switch between two should be introduced. 

Why did education literature get a 3.5?

It’s not that I don’t like the materials or I feel like it isn’t up to the mark. No doubt the quality of the content is satisfactory but what makes it get a 3.5 is the reason that the content has not been updated for very long. Trading is a profession that keeps taking turns all the time. This is why we always have new topics to study and new questions to be answered. This is why a constant upgrade should be done. Otherwise, the available ebooks, available and glossary are laid out just the right way.

Language gets a 3 because there are a limited number of options available. I also like how multiple devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets can be used to access the website.  

Concluding Remarks

By now you must have observed that I am largely satisfied with the broker. I have seen my profits maximize after joining the broker because of the provided optimal working environment. Like I have mentioned above, there are some problems but these don’t come in your trading way a lot. If you want someone who is capable of becoming a long term partner, then you might like to go for this one. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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