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There is nothing more satisfying than to travel and work at the same time. Work and travel is hard to accomplish sometimes, since people are too busy with their work so they fail to travel. But what if you can travel then work there? Would you take the offer? trusted LTAC travel nursing jobs in Virginia by GiftedHealthCare.com are now accepting nurses who would love to explore other states by working as a travel nurse. Here are some of the details you need to know before you get that luggage prepared. 

Q&A for LTAC Travel Nursing Jobs in Virginia

Why Choose Virginia as your Destination?

Virginia is known for its beaches and historical sights! Seaside is a great place to relax. It makes you forget about all your worries in life. This will be a perfect spot to unwind after your travel nursing job. You can rest your body and mind by taking a break by the seaside, enjoy the sunrise and the sunset, then swim your way to the waves.

Another place where you can find solitude are the historical places in Virginia such as the civil war trail where you can walk your worries away. Taking a break from work is a good way to recharge  your body and mind, then be ready for your next LTAC travel nursing job. 

What are the Duties of an LTAC Travel Nurse?

Long term acute care facilities are for patients who just came from the Intensive care units and most of them are for recovery. Therefore patients need extra care in these facilities. LTAC travel nurses are being assigned to be able to closely monitor these patients and provide the services they need. Skills in handling monitoring machines and hospital equipment is a must. Since you will be assigned to check their vitals signs as well as their overall physical condition. 

How long will I work as a LTAC Travel Nurse in Virginia?

The standard assignment period would last for 13 weeks or as short as 8 weeks. But some can be longer. This depends on your agreement with the travel nurse you signed up with. The good thing about assignments is, they are renewable if you want to extend. So If you will love staying in Virginia then you can renew several times and enjoy working and exploring places there. 

Can a Fresh Graduate Apply in LTAC Travel Nursing Jobs in Virginia?

12 months experience is required to be able to be qualified as a LTAC travel nurse. But you are free to fill up our form online so we can keep it in our record for future references. Once you are ready you can contact us and we will pull out your record from our file. 

How Much is the Pay for LTAC Travel Nurses?

Compensations will be discussed by your travel nurse agent. Pay for travel nurses are higher compared with regular nurses. What’s more, other benefits are offered such as housing, health insurances and completion bonuses. You will surely get satisfied with all the compensation and bonuses you can get. 

Work hours are from 36 to 40 hours in a week, any hours beyond  that can be counted as overtime, therefore you can get extra pay from extended working hours. 

How Long do I Have to Wait to Get an Assignment upon Application?

You better be ready to travel even before submitting your application. Application process is fast. After submitting all the necessary documents , the travel nurse agency will be forwarding this to the facility where you will be assigned. Once they receive it, they will schedule you for an interview. If you pass then you are ready to go.  

Getting LTAC travel nursing jobs in Virginia is not that hard since this type of job is in demand due to the pandemic we are experiencing right now. Nurses should grab this opportunity to grow professionally and to have a chance to travel to Virginia and discover this beautiful State. Working as a nurse is exhausting but with this kind of set up, nurses would feel the difference once they become LTAC travel nurses. Share your skills in taking care of people who need you the most by being their travel nurse. 

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