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A reputable online broker prioritizes the protection of their client’s funds. At the same time, it’s difficult to locate good platforms that guarantee the security of your personal information as well as your resources or cash. 

To me, a decent trading platform is one that meets all of the standards and needs while placing the client’s privacy as their first concern. 

Having stated that, you should always verify the platform’s historical success and client evaluations before investing. However, the best approach to learn about any platform and how it works is to try it out for yourself.

When I initially began my trading career, I always liked to read the evaluations given by previous users of a platform in order to gain as much information as possible. 

In this manner, I always knew what I was getting myself into while I was browsing around that trading platform. As a result, I chose to write a review of the Bitteks forex trading platform.


Bitteks is an international “Contract of Difference (CFD)” and foreign exchange broker. A trading platform that employs cutting-edge technology and tools stands out from the competition and provides all of the benefits according to the customer’s needs. 

Bitteks’ trading investments are represented by aesthetically appealing charts on their online platform. Their members get access to some excellent educational materials. 

This is something I’ve observed that a lot of other trading platforms don’t provide. Bitteks also has a live chat box, several account types, and a wide range of trading assets.


Bitteks’ website has a lot of cool features and tools that I had a lot of fun with when I first saw it. I’ve had a lot of previous experience with online trading platforms, so I realized when I saw Bitteks that it was considerably more advanced than the others. 

The first thing I saw when I visited the homepage was the Welcome sign, which was followed by an icon that said: “Get started.” A live trade bar and a tiny box labeled “Live Chat” may be found at the bottom of the page.

After all of my questions and worries were addressed, I decided to give this broker a try. 

So, in order to join their platform and become a member, I went to their website and clicked on the “Get started” link, which directed me to a page where I had to fill out some information. 

I noticed while I was joining up that they had highlighted a few things about their trading platform, such as what it offers and what features it employs.

They also emphasized the risk that is present in every trading company. I believe this is a fantastic approach for them to educate their new users that there is always a risk in trading, so they don’t feel discouraged if they lose a few trades at first.

The only thing that bothered me was the design and color style of their website. It was quite dark, and the color contrast was unappealing to the eye. This is something that may be readily changed and may be acceptable to certain people.

Customer Service:

It doesn’t matter how well-equipped and trained a platform’s management is; it all comes down to how successfully they handle their customers’ demands in the end. They will ultimately lose consumers if they are unable to understand and give immediate assistance to them. 

Based on my own experience, I believe the best approach to determine if a trading platform is worth your money is to examine how effectively it performs in the area of customer care.

When I first started trading on Bitteks, though, I found their customer support to be excellent. There were a few bumps along the road during my trading career, but Bitteks’ customer support was there to help me every step of the way.

They have the option of using “Live chat,” which is prominently displayed across the website. This “Live chat” box is available to their users 24 hours a day, five days a week, worldwide. Bitteks offers a variety of different options in addition to live chat, including a form, e-mail, and phone support.

Educational Material:

For a newcomer to the trading industry like me, educational materials were important for understanding how online trading works. When I first became interested in trading, I had no idea what the terms meant or how risky it might be. 

So, I would advise anyone who is considering entering the trading industry or is in the early stages of doing so to first have a basic understanding of how trading works. 

Going in blindly, without knowing anything about the assets or the risks associated with them, might result in significant losses right away. 

So, when I discovered their website, which is entirely dedicated to educational resources, I was delighted to learn more about the trading industry.

However, when I looked through the e-books that were supplied, I saw that there isn’t as much educational content available for experienced members as there is for beginners. 

Because there is always space for improvement and given their ongoing efforts to make their platform more user-friendly, I am certain that they will develop further educational resources to meet the demands of their experienced users. 

Bitteks has also given their users a glossary area that includes a variety of trading terms in addition to these e-books. Anyone who is unfamiliar with trade jargon may quickly search this section up to aid themselves and learn something new.

Account Types:

Bitteks offers four different account kinds to its users. Each account type has its own set of features and services that cater to the specific demands of its customers.

  1. Silver

A minimum balance of 250 Euros is required for members who use this account type. They will be able to use the following features with this account type.

  • There are almost 200 trading assets available.
  • Examining the market
  • Leverages of up to 100 percent are possible.
  1. Gold 

Gold members must have a minimum balance of 10,000 Euros to have access to the portal, which includes features such as.

  • There are almost 200 trading assets available.
  • Examining the market
  • Bonus money for a dedicated Senior Account Manager
  • Spreads on gold (Lucrative spreads)
  • Up to 200 Tier, 3 leverages are available. Analyze the trading room
  • Financial Preparation
  • Planning for risk management
  • Promotions for Special Ventures
  • Webinars are held every month.
  • Process of Prioritized Withdrawal at Level 3
  1. Platinum

To register for this account, you must have a balance of 50,000 Euros. This account has features like as.

  • There are almost 200 trading assets available.
  • Examining the market
  • Senior Account Manager with a specific focus
  • Bonus money
  • Spreads made of platinum (Lucrative spreads)
  • Leverages of up to 300 percent are possible.
  • Signals for trading
  • 2nd tier Analyze the trading room
  • Financial Preparation
  • Planning for risk management
  • Promotions for Special Ventures
  • VIP access to high-paying events
  • Webinars held every week
  • Sessions with a private analyst
  • Prioritized withdrawal process at Level 2
  1. VIP

This account has access to virtually all of the platform’s features.

  • There are almost 200 trading assets available.
  • Examining the market
  • Bonus money for a dedicated Senior Account Manager
  • Spreads for VIPs (Lucrative spreads)
  • Trading signals with significant leverage up to 400
  • Access to all trade room analysis
  • Financial Planning
  • Planning for risk management
  • Promotions for Special Ventures
  • VIP access to high-paying events
  • Complete webinar access
  • Sessions with a private analyst
  • Prioritized withdrawal process at Level 1

Their Platinum account type appealed to me. The availability of a dedicated senior account manager was a quality that stuck out to me and aided me along my trip. 

I felt like I needed to be directed by someone with great expertise and who could grasp what I needed to make my trading simpler, and that’s precisely what I got from a dedicated senior account manager. 

I was really pleased with how attentively they dealt with my issues and walked me through my trade challenges.


Finally, in a decent online trading platform, security is critical. Without adequate security measures, a platform may attract a small number of clients at first, but they will not stay for long. 

I feel much safer after trading on their site because of their security precautions. I didn’t come across any fraud concerns during my experience. With this platform, I felt really protected and secure with my data and resources. 

To ensure that its clients are protected, this platform has the following rules in place.

  • Bonus Policy
  • (AML) Anti-Money Laundering Policy
  • KYC (Know your customer)
  • Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation Policy
  • Risk Disclosure Statement
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions


I have enough faith in this platform that I am certain I will continue to trade with it. I was extremely pleased with all of the features and services offered by this platform. 

My experience was really nice and satisfying, from their website outlet to customer service, safety and security concerns, and utilization of sophisticated technologies. As a result, I decided that Bitteks was deserving of an honest assessment.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendations

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