Custom PC – Market Leading Magazine Concerning Computer Hardware

Melissa M. Taylor

Custom PC is the UK’s leading magazine concerning computer hardware. Published by Dennis Publishing Ltd., the first issue hit stands in the summer of 2003. This monthly computer magazine is currently edited by Ben Hardwidge and is usually abbreviated as ‘CPC’.

It is aimed at PC hardware enthusiasts, gamers, and early adopters, covering topics such as modding, overclocking, and PC gaming. Dennis Publishing acquired bit-tech at the end of 2008.

Custom PC is dedicated to high-performance hardware and PC custom modifications. The magazine tests and qualifies hardware based on all features providing in-depth technology coverage. It is written in a witty way while adding lots of fantastic photographs and Star Wars references. Being UK’s #1 magazine for PC enthusiasts, it possesses a wide readership. Every month the magazine includes the hottest tech news, combined with unique features, smart reader challenges and information on the latest cutting-edge hardware. Readers are presented with clear advice while providing entertaining and technically rigorous content, comprehensive labs tests, and benchmarks.

Custom PC magazine isn’t just another PC magazine; it is the only magazine that devotes enough space to single product reviews. Whatever your budget is they offer best performing components. The news section rounds up the hottest news; the games section reviews the latest games and what is happening in the PC gaming world. The CPC Elite section contains a pick-list of the best hardware available, be it budget PCs or performance PCs. The reviews section covers all of the latest kit including CPUs, hardware, motherboards, and sound cards. The magazine also provides customization advice, anything that can help you build and customize your PC according to your requirements.

According to a survey, it was found that 59% of readers tune their PCs for performance more often, 64% of readers actually build their own PCs, 52% of readers are comfortable with overclocking their processors, and 23% of them now play more games. 98.3% of readers rate the magazine as trustworthy making it a trusted and authoritative source.

With a Custom PC magazine subscription readers can expect magazines packed with reviews on cutting-edge hardware, labs tests, benchmarks, and an entertaining and technically thorough content. Digital newsstand apps in the market bring you a Custom PC digital subscription at nearly 70% less than store prices. Publishers take advantage of the digital publishing format and entice readers with attractive pricing for their digital magazines. Most apps are free for the readers to download.

With a copy of the Custom PC digital magazine, readers can have access to their favorite magazine anytime they need it. Talk about showing off to a friend or genuinely helping someone have a better PC experience just by reading the magazine and keeping it close to you in the cloud. Also, instead of chucking out your old PC – leaving it for scrap and adding to pollution hazards, you can revamp your old PC to work almost like new, just with your new-found knowledge from UK market’s leading magazine for PC hardware enthusiasts, gamers, and early adopters.

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