Education – One Of The Leading Debate Issues In The UK

Melissa M. Taylor

Education is one of the few subjects that generate the biggest number of debates and controversies in the UK. Schools and university education system are pivotal for shaping the future generations, and any lacking in these areas is strongly reacted to by people, offline and across online platforms too.

Education at school as well as university levels is one of the major issues that affects the people quite deeply in the UK. A new government policy, a new study on the education pattern or even the falling standards of children’s behaviour sparks off an instant debate among people. People listen avidly to what the policy makers have to say on certain issues, they read the papers to keep up, and catch the latest developments with news as it happens online. With every new move that the government makes in the educational sector, people all across the country follow it closely to understand the impact it will have on their children.

One of the latest educational issues that has people concerned, is the problem children are facing in doing their homework. This is due to the lack of high-speed broadband in some parts of the UK, which is stopping children from completing their homework on time. The concerned MP of the region affected raised this issue and has asked the government to provide a permanent and urgent solution. The two solutions suggested by the MP has people caught up in debate. These solutions are either that the government ensures accessible broadband, or the secondary schools stopped giving out homework that children are unable to do.

While this broadband issue has the government clarifying their huge £530m budget for broadband, parents in the affected areas are still anxious about their children. Parents are discussing the issue with schools as well as the concerned local authorities, and the debate continues till a feasible solution is arrived at. Another current educational issue that is being debated upon hotly is the Ofsted’s annual report that says 800 schools in England are not improving. Ofsted reported that 20 per cent of schools in England were outstanding, while 50 per cent fell in the good category, another 28 per cent schools were satisfactory and 2 per cent have been declared as inadequate. People are also very concerned and have voiced their opinions on the news that educational initiatives aimed at supporting special needs students, are failing to do their jobs. These issues are being discussed all across the UK, and several thinkers are putting forward their views about them.

Many people flock to online debating forums to speak their mind on an issue affecting their children’s future. Of these debate forums, the ones that see most hits are those visited by the leading thinkers and policy makers. When opinion formers put forward their views on some latest educational reform, people get to respond to them and also share their views. They use the online platform to interact with the policy makers who can actually make a difference to the way things are done. Whatever debate questions they have in their mind, they can put forward on the forum and get them answered by the leading thinkers. People now realise that if a key issue like education needs to be discussed, they can head straight to an online debating platform and let the opinion formers know what the public thinks.

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