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InfinityCapitalG Review 2021: This is Now a Source of Second Income

As far as professions go, Trade is undoubtedly the most consistent. Trade has been around for millennia and although its methods have evolved, the basic gist of the profession remains the same. Even today trade follows the basic aspect of the millennia-old tradition of exchanging assets with other traders. We are currently in one of the transition periods of trading systems. At this very moment, the conventional system of trading is being replaced by a new and improved online system that is based on the same infrastructure as the internet.

I was new to the trading profession when I chose to be a trader. The dilemma I had to face was the fact that there were two systems that I had to choose from, a conventional and standard trading system that was being phased out or a new system that still had a lot of glitches but was the future of the trading profession as a whole. In the end, I chose to trade on an online trading platform known as InfinityCapitalG.

There were many reasons as to why a chose the online system instead of the traditional techniques that had proven to be sufficient. I was a new trader which meant that as a beginner, very few conventional brokerage firms would be willing to accept me as a trader and even then my resources and reach would be limited. Online trading platforms however rely on a large user base to stay open. Online trading platforms still mostly favour professional traders but there are many platforms such as InfinityCapitalG that provide equal opportunities to every user who registers with them.

It wasn’t easy selecting a trading platform for my trading business, especially considering that there are very few reviews about trading platforms in general in the online system. This is mostly due to the entire online system being relatively new. This is also why I have chosen to write a review about my experience as a beginner on InfinityCapitalG and how I was able to grow my trading business and become a full-time trader on their service site.

Many factors helped me decide on InfinityCapitalG. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect trading platform since the entire online system is new and is bound to have glitches here and there which is normal for any industry, especially one as expansive as trade. I asked myself the questions that would help me choose the best-suited platform for not just my business but for trading in general. I was able to deduce the basic principles that make a trading platform great in its own accord and after weeks of testing I landed at InfinityCapitalG as my default trading platform.

How important is security for traders?

Back when I was new to the trading profession, I didn’t give much thought to the necessity of secure systems in trading platforms because as far as I was concerned, making money was all I had to care about. I used to go for the cheapest option available when I first started testing trading platforms before eventually changing my stance and choosing only secure platforms.

What I noticed was that many of those platforms compromised on security to drive down their asking price. Don’t get me wrong, those platforms were good but allowing third-party applications to access your user data isn’t recommended by trade regulators. In time, I realized the importance of security protocols to protect user data which is when I resumed my search and found InfinityCapitalG. It was reputed to be one of the most secure trading platforms in the industry due to its exceptional encryption protocols that ensured no third party would ever be able to access user data without the user being informed first. The best part about this platform was their continued commitment to ensuring a revision of their security policies and always informing their users if there is an update to their existing policies.

Do the number of assets offered matter?

I have seen many reviews about conventional trading firms that do not allow a lot of assets to be handled by their traders. This is where my mention of trade limits comes into play. Even though some firms were more than willing to hire beginners, they would often limit their access to assets which made it difficult to generate a decent profit. The online trading platform I am currently using gets rid of such limitations and offers its users over 200 assets. There is no limitation in place that differentiates between professional and beginner traders. There are recommendations for what assets a party can use but that is purely up to the user.

Here how InfinityCapitalG has categorized its assets. The 200 assets have been split into groups based on their effectiveness and demand. There is Forex and indices that are pretty much the backbone of online trading and while these assets alone can be enough for a beginner, professional traders demand more assets and every beginner will one day become a full-time trader. This is how I became a full-time trader. I traded in assets such as Forex and indices when I was a new trader and expanded my horizons to commodities, company stocks and currencies as I gained experience. The forex market has been expanding every day and while the platform has kept pace with this industry change, I believe that there should be more tools that help us handle assets such as Forex.

Does it provide a professional level experience?

By the time I had become a full-time trader, I had garnered enough experience to trade with one of the newest and most exclusive assets in the industry. These were known as cryptocurrencies. Now cryptocurrencies aren’t available on all trading platforms mostly due to their instability. However, as a trader, it is always good to have options especially considering that cryptocurrencies are pitted to replace the current financial system. Although there are very few reliable cryptocurrencies, their importance hasn’t been ignored by InfinityCapitalG.

Having access to crypto has turned out well for me even though the crypto market is currently unstable. All in all, it is a welcomed addition to the already diverse asset catalogue on this platform. One thing that got to me was the lack of support for more cryptocurrencies on this trading platform given that many of these currencies are supported by a lot of industries. It would be amazing if InfinityCapitalG asset managers would allow for more cryptos on their trading platform so that traders have a variety of options to choose from when they trade in the open market.

How do the account types match up to expectations?

I realized long ago that conventional trading firms lacked diverse options for their traders. This was further highlighted by their closed system of only accepting experienced individuals. The online trading system is completely different and I speak from experience.  I started on InfinityCapitalG as a beginner and I am now a professional trader using the same platforms. This is what I am trying to highlight. You see what makes this platform different from others is that it offers account types that cater to all traders with varying experience.

The account options on this platform were self-managed and basic that was meant for beginners with no prior trading experience. The Gold and Platinum were essentially mediation account types that allowed me to hone my skill before I encountered the professional account category known as Diamond. This account type came with everything and I must say that evolving on the same trading platform has its perks. The final VIP account wasn’t easily accessible given that it is invitation only but eventually I was able to get a hold of the account manager and sort things out.

What are the trading legalities that have been put in place by the brokerage firm?

Online trading is an accepted system in the world. Its legality is why it is set to replace the conventional trading system. However, some trading platforms do not offer the same types of transparency InfinityCapitalG is known for. If you don’t know what I mean then here is the gist of the issue. Some trading platforms might now be entirely clear to their users what the terms and conditions are of their agreement and many users often do not look deep enough into it. That’s actually why I joined InfinityCapitalG. It had everything laid down for me when I was registering. I admit I would have never even bothered to look at it from a legal point of view but seeing the transparency the platform showed, I knew I really should stick with this as my go-to trading platform.

How does it all add up?

Not all trading platforms are perfect. Even InfinityCapitalG has some kinks in its system that need to be ironed out as soon as possible. But my experience with this platform has been positive and believe me I have tried and tested a lot of trading platforms. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide what is best suited for you and hop on the online trading system as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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