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I have seen many seasons come and go. All these years that I have spent as a trader form a significant part of my life. Now because they helped me gain the current financial standing, but because they have taught me a lot about non-trading issues. 

I feel like trading has given me basic life lessons and one of them was to trust yourself before anyone. When I joined first, I never had an opinion, I kept listening to whoever sounded kind and this became the only reason why I kept losing my money. I went on trusting one fraudulent forex firm after another as I saw my money going down the drain. There came a time when I was almost sure that none of these are honest and sincere to their customers. This thought was taking me to the point where I would quit. 

But thankfully, I met my brother’s friend who told me about ManCapitalGroup. He said he gets what he needs at a place and that is what makes it his favourite. I had heard such remarks before so I wasn’t really excited or convinced at first but he later forced me to look into it. When I did, I must say I felt this firm had something good to offer, unlike the ones I had been trusting blindly before. Now that I had suffered so much, I was ready to put in effort till I was sure of the firm being worth it. 

When you fall into such a situation, the first thing you do is hit up the ones you trust. I called my seniors and asked if they had heard anything good about the firm. Most of them said it seems promising because they had never heard anything nasty about it before. This wasn’t enough, I also went through the website, talked to the customer support representatives, went through features and specs, etc. After all the research I was finally ready to trust the broker with my future. 

Before we start with it, I want to tell you all that my review is only to tell you what traders look for in a forex firm and what features help them use one for a longer time period. I have always found ManCapitalGroup fit for my trading venture needs. I don’t mean that it is perfect but it can be said it’s close to perfect. Only because I have never felt like some flaw has hindered any of my trading operations significantly. This, however, does not eradicate the need to get rid of them. 

In the review below, I would be rating the features according to my experiences. Other traders might disagree with my ratings but you must understand that you should understand it is natural owing to the fact that all of us have varying needs and hence varying experiences. I hope by the time we reach the end of this review, your choice-making process has become considerably easy.

5 Stars


Security is the most important area that one has to consider before signing up for the forum. Security measures have to be extremely reliable. Here at ManCapitalGroup, this is something that you can entirely leave up to the firm. I have never observed any suspicious activities nor have I ever heard of any invasions on the server. It is evident that they have employed software or whatever steps are needed to ensure that our money and information remain safe with them. You will see how concerned they are about your money when you go through their Legal documents. All of them are equally comprehensive and state all the threats clearly. This is a clear indication that the firm runs on the principle of security first.

User Friendly

Because forex firms are all about run-in online so the website has to be user-friendly. You don’t want more of a headache by struggling with the web page too. I have found this website very easy to use every time. Whatever section of the website you open, you’ll see all of them are super easy to navigate. I particularly love the reach to top button which is particularly useful when operating the website from a phone. Also, the website loads quickly, it has all the important options displayed at the front, dropdowns have made it very convenient to use. I must say the designers have done a great job totally eliminating the need for videos or steps to guide me through. 


This deserves to be rated 5 Stars. When I first opened the website I liked the light background instantly. Dark ones are no less than a headache. Also, the grey and red colours together complement the website nicely. I like how the text colour is dark to make the text more readable. Not to mention the interactive graphics that make the website even more engaging and catchy. The MCG logo at the top of the page has been linked to the landing page and all you need to do is click it and it’ll take you there in a second. Overall, I am satisfied with the theme. It matters truly when you’re carrying out complex trading procedures like charting. 

4 Stars

Customer Support

The representatives recruited are highly skilled and professional. I like their ever-welcoming attitude. I have never felt disappointed after talking to them. I also like how they let you get in touch using options like call, phone, email, etc. This is to cater to all sorts of audiences; the ones who like to call and talk one on one, the others who would like to type and complain, and the traders who like to attach pictorial evidence. But one thing on which I would love to see the platform work is the limited operational hours. Because traders can come across problems anytime so these should be maximized. 

Tradable Assets

When you enter trading, it is essential that you keep adding to your portfolio in order to survive the uncertain world. This forum offers around 200 tradable assets for you to explore. These include crypto, commodities, stocks, indices, and a lot more. I started as a stocks trader but here I have also tried my luck in the areas of crypto and indices. I must say that my crypto experience has been great particularly. Bitcoins seemed a no-go initially but now I feel like Bitcoins are something a trader must have added to their portfolio. This wide range of options makes sure you never run out of options.

Account Manager

Dedicated and professional Account Managers are provided by the ManCapitalGroup group. Each one of them keeps an eye on the market scenario and keeps the customers updated. Many times they have warned me regarding the decisions I wanted to take and I must say you should listen to their opinion. I love how they never force you to do something, in fact, their words are nothing but an opinion from someone who is an expert in the field. They are also very encouraging, had it not been my manager, I would’ve never stepped into the world of crypto. Unfortunately, you don’t get managers if you have a basic account and this is something that needs to be worked on. 

3 Stars


Webinars help a trader stay in touch with the ever-changing trading world. Every time new trends are coming and going. Traders should always stay in touch with them and one way for that is by attending webinars. Unfortunately, you don’t get to attend a lot of them here. I wish the company works on this and arranges webinars for traders, if not on a weekly then on monthly basis. I also hope that, unlike competitors, these webinars can be attended by the young traders also. Because I believe they need them the most. 


I have seen that the website can be accessed in two languages only. Although, the default language is set to English, which is great considering that most people all around the globe understand it but I feel like adding more would help out the ones who aren’t very proficient at English. I like how one can switch to the available ones with a click. 


The Frequently Asked Questions section is something that websites must have. I find it well developed here. The questions are grouped together to save time and the addition of dropdowns makes it easy to use. Although the questions pretty much touch most of the important issues, I believe the section can and should be updated more often.

Concluding Remarks

Just like any other platform, ManCapitalGroup is also not free of flaws. But I do not plan on leaving it because it offers me all that I need to continue trading the way I want. I feel like joining this forum was a great choice. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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