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It is not easy to be a Forex trader, even less so if you are looking for the best forex trading platform. There are dozens of brokers promising state-of-the-art technology and great opportunities to trade currency online. To choose among them can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Victoria-Coins is one of the most reliable names in this industry for years now and offers a broad range of services that will surely appeal to anyone who wants to start or continue their career in the ever changing world of forex trading. Now the question arises is that how one can be sure that Victoria-Coins is not a scam? Well, to answer it I would say that this platform has proven its honesty and reliability through various ways that I will be discussing in this review. 

Short Introduction:

The company has offices all around the world – from New York City, London and Tokyo – offering its clients excellent customer support round the clock. As Victoria-Coins is a company that sets the highest standards when it comes to customer care, they also provide their clients with training tools, personal account managers and professional advisers. I love how client-oriented this platform is.

If you want to become one of their clients all you have to do is register on their official website and deposit some funds there, ready for trading, it’s that simple. I remember my time when I was registering myself with this broker and by the time I was done. I was amazed that how less time it consumes compared to other platforms. 

Remember that Victoria-Coins has an extremely flexible system that is open 24 hours a day so your chances in making a profit are enormous! When I joined I was able to trade on more than 400 different financial instruments like stocks, commodities, and indices etc. The variety of assets they offer stunned me.

Knowing how useful educational materials can be in order to learn from expert traders before placing your own trades, Victoria-Coins’ online courses are among the most comprehensive learning opportunities available today. This is also the place where I read some of the most impressive, professional analyses about those financial markets. 

Now let’s discuss about this platform’s offerings in detail.

Registration process:

In order to sign up, the trader needs to register on the Victoria-Coins Forex trading platform and open an account there – it is completely free of charge. Registration can be done in just a few minutes by entering personal details into required fields. The trader also has to indicate his preferred payment method (if he already has a bank account on the Victoria-Coins Forex trading platform it is possible to link it to his newly created account).

The trader will also have to choose a password – he/she should be careful when doing so, as entering incorrect information may lead to him being locked out of his personal area on the Victoria-Coins Forex trading platform.

The trader will also have to enter a valid e-mail address – this information will be used by the Victoria-Coins Forex trading platform to send him timely notifications regarding changes in his account status, whenever he trades or otherwise uses the Victoria-Coins Forex trading platform. If the trader wants to get useful notifications to his phone he may also register it on the Victoria-Coins Forex trading platform.

The personal details, preferences and other sensitive information has to be entered only once – from that moment on every time any of the services provided by the Victoria-Coins Forex trading platform is used all that is necessary is to log into the trader’s account – Victoria-Coins Forex trading platform is therefore very easy to use.

Safety and Security:

Victoria-Coins guarantees every client’s security; for example when registering an account with them my personal data won’t be disclosed to anyone else except for Victoria-Coins’ employees who need it to process registration requests; however, once my account was created no one else can access it unless having proper authorization from both me (Owner) and Victoria-coins representatives.

Victoria-Coins is not a scam because all payments made by clients are protected by SSL encryption; this means that any information about them you provide (don’t worry, it doesn’t include your personal data) while making a deposit or withdrawing money won’t be revealed to anyone except for Victoria-Coins’ employees who are working on this platform. This is the main reason why I chose this platform and I absolutely feel safe with them.

Customer Support:

When I landed on this platform everything seemed too good to be true. So to make sure that this platform is legit, I contacted them via email – no matter what question I asked, Victoria-Coins’ support team responded to me really fast and provided me with all the necessary information about their service; they may not be around 24/7 because of being busy with other things but they do answer all messages within a minute or so.

Educational Center:

The Victoria-Coins Forex trading platform has a large selection of both free and paid educational materials, it is therefore easy to learn the basics of foreign currency trading. The paid options on Victoria-Coins Forex trading platform can be compared with a personal tutor – they provide valuable information and help the trader to make money in the foreign currency space. However, I found that there eBooks are quite outdated which I think they should update them regularly.

As a trading platform:

The most important part of this platform is its Trading Room, which means that you can go there and follow how expert traders act, get some advice from them or just trade using virtual money even if you’re a newbie to Forex and don’t know the first thing about trading. It offers lots of trading features as well as services which definitely make it worth trying out if you’re interested in Forex trading; its main advantages over other platforms available online are lifetime access to a free education center, high payout rates, instant withdrawals of free funds earned during trading and a clear money-back policy.

Victoria-Coins has some other following advantages when compared to other cryptocurrency trading platforms’ features as well as benefits that every trader should know about:

  • First, those people who will register an account on Victoria-Coins can trade their favorite cryptocurrency pairs against six fiat currencies (US dollar, Euro, Canadian dollar, Japanese Yen, British Pound Sterling, and Swiss Franc). Moreover, no fees are charged for making deposits or withdrawals made through a client’s page; however, there is a small fee that is added to each deposit made through a bank transfer because of the way this method is processed and transferred.
  • Numerous assets’ pairs including crypto-to-crypto ones – over fifty different assets available for both fixed trades as well as margin trade.

It’s necessary to note about those trading features that Victoria-Coins offers its clients functionality for automatic trading with any asset pair (one can choose it beforehand) as well as for choosing the time period within which it’s recommended to make a trade with them; therefore, you can trade for any time interval that you find more convenient.

  • As for margin trading available on this platform, one should know about its leverage: 1:10 – maximum leverage offered by Victoria-Coins is ten times more than what other platforms provide; in addition, all margin trades are based on Bitcoin which is considered to be the most reliable cryptocurrency nowadays.
  • Easy and rapid account verification – if you’re ready to open an account on Victoria-Coins just visit their website and click “Open an Account” at the top of the page; next, fill out your name and email address as well as choose a password (do not forget to write it down somewhere because you will need to enter it each time when logging into your account). 
  • Victoria-Coins will also ask you to fill out some personal information (including the source of funding, place, and date of birth as well as citizenship/country of residence) which is needed to be verified before your account could be fully operational; however, this won’t take much time – all information on their website is ready in advance so that one can easily complete a form there.
  • The Victoria-Coins Forex trading platform provides also a set of tools to help traders compare, review and trade different currencies. These tools have been created in order to make the trader’s job as easy as possible – he can analyze different currency pairs (compare their values), add them to his watch-list so that he does not miss out on any of the opportunities connected to them and finally, trade different currencies through his preferred trading method (OPEN TRADING BOOKS, FOREX SPOT TRADING or FOREX CFD TRADING).

My Final Verdict

If you want to improve your knowledge and practice in forex trading before making any real trades, Victoria-Coins is definitely one of the best options available today on the market. Victoria -Coins has a clear goal of providing reliable and profitable services to clients; they have been working hard since their establishment to satisfy each trader who decides to start his career from them or improve his skills further on Forex platforms offered by Victoria-Coins. I have been a part of this platform for a while now and I absolutely in awe of the services and client support they offer.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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